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    European Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

    European Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

    We usually think we know what Europe is, but often we underestimate it, at least geographically.

    From the Arctic Ocean to the Black and Mediterranean seas, and from the coasts of Great Britain to the wide lands of Russia (its western part), it is all Europe.

    It includes many countries, and every country prides itself in something it considers it’s own. Italy is proud of art and landscapes, France is the style setter of the world and the place where good wines are made (shush, don’t tell the Germans, though), Norse people are offspring of almost mythical Vikings but love the comfort of their home (hi there, Ikea and hygge).

    Eastern Europe is less known because it was long hidden by the iron curtain. Yet once the curtain has fallen, one of its treasures became obvious: amazingly beautiful women and girls. If one were to create a rating of the most attractive girls in Europe country by country, Ukraine and Russia will take the first two places, Poland following real close.

    Based on what people say and opinion polls show, we can try to rank countries where the most beautiful women live. Then you will know for sure where to head for a perfect bride or a glamorous girlfriend (there is a cheat sheet and shortcut: if in search, marry Ukrainian girls and win the lottery of your life).

    1. France

    French girls are known for their effortless chic and charm. They are attractive and stylish. This is why they are highly desired girlfriends and partners. They are feminine, classy, and every girl in the world wants to be able to emulate the famous Parisian charm. But: they know their worth. They want to see in their potential boyfriend or husband a partner, a friend, a lover, a contributor to the family budget, but not the only provider and the head of the house. They are independent and self-sufficient, so they may not be the best choice if you seek someone who will take your side no matter what.

    1. Sweden

    The women with the Viking blood in their veins are truly beautiful. They are fair-haired, have light tender skin, and, usually, blue eyes. They are slim and fit, like a Viking girl should be. They dress in a laid-back way, but it does not make them less attractive. Yet, they are also very independent and resolute, although they look very calm on surface. You’d rather not mess with them if you do not want to learn why those guys respected Valkyries so much. So first of all, show some respect by sending your date flowers to Sweden if you’re far away.

    1. Lithuania

    Baltic girls have their own kind of beauty, delicate and reserved. Yet this fact does not diminish their beauty. They are also of fair Nordic kind, which means that they are natural blondes or dark blondes, with blue or grey eyes and petite feminine facial features. They are good girlfriends and mothers, so do not miss a chance to get to know them closer. 

    1. Poland

    This is one of the countries that regularly appear on the lists of places with the most desired girls. Polish women are truly beautiful in Slavic way, with more rounded feminine facial features, lush hair and feminine body curves. They are also great at homemaking and mothering, so they are excellent wives. No wonder a beauty app named Booksy came out of there!

    1. Spain

    In this listing we just cannot skip Spain without paying dues to its hot, passionate and strikingly beautiful girls. They are unique with their expressive dark eyes, eyes that just speak passion and love, dark lush hair, olive skin and refined face lines. You can recognize a Spanish girl immediately by her attitude, proud and cool, and a bright smile. If you want to impress everyone around, pick a Spanish girl – she will be a true queen next to you. That’s why the third place is theirs.

    1. Russia

    Now we are steering into the winners’ duo. Believe it or not, the most desired and lovable girls live not in France or Spain, but in the Eastern Europe. This fact can be explained by two points: these girls are all extremely, unbelievably beautiful without exception, and they are great wives and girlfriends.

    Russia comes second on the list, since its girls are all supermodel-looking, feminine, reveling in self-care and beauty routines. They sport fashionable hairstyles, have much improved the use of makeup (no more vulgar overdoing, as it used to be), take care of their bodies and stay slim. They are beautiful with that particular Slavic beauty that you will find nowhere else. They are soft and supportive, which is a really enviable quality in a girl, from a man’s viewpoint.

    1. Ukraine.

    The only country to which Russia loses in this particular competition is Ukraine. Quite long Russian and Ukrainian girls were considered to be ‘the same’, like, they all come from that part of the world.  Yet, these are two separate countries and their girls are somewhat different in beauty and attitude. Ukrainian girls combine the best features and looks that the world can offer. They can be fair and white-skinned like Scandinavians, or they can be dark-haired and dark-eyed like Spanish girls.

    They are feminine, soft, and attractive in their looks, beautiful, fit and curvy, groomed, but not overdoing it. They are great at homemaking, but they are also ready to contribute to the family budget. They are educated, intelligent, and usually speak English, at least. They are supportive of their husbands and partners, but they also respect themselves, they are not too assertive, but not meek either. They are a dream coming true, in a nutshell.   


    • Ching
      November 8, 2021

      Slavs and celts have the most beautiful people and especially blonds and gingers. We have been to Check Republic,Serbia,Poland,Russia and met so many stunning women! And Ireland was amazing. Also beautiful people. The baltics are on my travel list. Can’t wait

    • Roman
      June 21, 2022

      Spain tops my list but haven’t been to Russia or the Ukraine yet.

      Romania deserves a nod. Lots of hotties there and they got dark senses of humor (which I like).

    • Mars
      October 12, 2022

      I find german, Sweden, Poland girls all attractive as an American..some italian and Greek woman also.

    • Anonymous
      December 11, 2022

      If you want to know where are the most beautiful women in Europe, don’t visit cities but beaches. Spain beats them all at wearing swimsuit and clean faces. Latina beauty queens have all Spanish roots.

    • Brian J
      April 16, 2023

      As a Brit who visited most of the countries in both Western and Eastern Europe I can say beautiful women are everywhere, especially on the Mediterranean. One particular trait I found adorable is women in Romania and some former Soviet countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, or Ukraine but not limited to. There stands a mix of brunettes, latinos, blondes with thin and attractive bodies that have not yet been brainwashed by commercial style as in capitalist societies. I have found that, comparing to Western Europe and UK inclusive, women there are not that fat and usually care more about how they look like. The coastline of the Black sea is of an abundance of hotness I have only seen in South America.

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