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    Meet Letao Wang: A Spiritual Counselor With A Love For Greek Myth

    Meet Letao Wang: A Spiritual Counselor With A Love For Greek Myth

    Even before he embraced his calling as a spiritual counselor, Letao Wang looked to the stars.

    Entranced by the constellations and the stories they told, the Hong Kong astrologer’s journey has come full circle with his release of a Greek myth-inspired Oracle deck.

    Letao Wang is a professional astrologist, tarot specialist, and the founder and spiritual counselor of the Healing Kingdom. He has been providing astrology, tarot, and numerology readings for clients both locally in Hong Kong and overseas since 2015. Since 2022, He has been the astrology columnist for Hong Kong Living Magazine.

    An excellent marketer and sensitive intuitive, Wang was named Spiritual Guide of the Year in 2020 by Hong Kong’s Living Magazine and was given the Hong Kong Influencers Award in 2019 and 2020. Wang is also a member of the Hong Kong Society of Counseling and Psychology and a member of the Australian Counseling Association. His education includes a master’s in counseling, a master’s in translating and interpreting Chinese and English, an advanced diploma in applied astrology, and a bachelor’s in English.

    We interviewed Letao to discuss his spiritual journey, influences and inspiration, spiritual counseling career, and more!

    When did you realize that spiritual counseling was viable for you, and what pushed you to pursue your dream?

    My realization that spiritual counseling was a viable path for me emerged during a profound personal transformation around 29, which interestedly coincided with my first astrological Saturn Return. I was at a crossroads, seeking deeper meaning and understanding of life’s complexities. Baffled by a mundane bank job I was stuck at, I went through a period of depression. It was a time when I did a lot of self-reflection and journaling to deepen my understanding of what I wanted to achieve and, more importantly, who I am.

    I later discovered my innate desire and ability to connect with others on a spiritual level, offering emotional guidance and support (not a surprise as I am a Cancer!) But what propelled me forward was later the profound and personal interaction I had with each client I worked with—witnessing their growth and transformation fueled my passion and solidified my commitment to pursue spiritual counseling. It’s a calling that transcends a career choice and a way of life that still inspires me to grow, learn, and serve others in their quest for spiritual enlightenment and personal well-being.

    How has your journey of self-discovery helped you when it comes to guiding others in their spiritual journeys? 

    Interestingly, many people say that a true empath must experience and learn from their pain in life in order to authentically connect and understand their patients. My journey of self-discovery has been deeply influencing my ability to guide others in their spiritual quests. I think, at the core, it’s a path of learning to listen deeply — to myself and others.

    Sometimes, during a session, I can see myself (or my past self) in a client, and it was this transference of feelings that enabled me to hold space for others with empathy and without judgment. Occasionally, if deemed appropriate, I would also share my vulnerabilities from past discoveries and moments of insight with clients. It’s a privilege for me to walk alongside others on their paths, helping to illuminate the way forward with hope and shared humanity.

    You refer to yourself as both a spiritual counselor and an astrologer. Is one of those two roles the more dominant force in your career? In other words, is one a technique that services the other in your work, or is the relationship between your two roles more of a balance?

    That is a great question. In the early days, I practiced as an astrologer, conducting chart analysis for clients to answer their questions about their future. But as time went by, I became more and more self-aware about who I am and what truly motivates me on my spiritual path: to help, care, and heal rather than to “define.” I became less focused on predicting the future but found deeper value in participating in a client’s healing journey to find peace, love, and prosperity.

    Nowadays, I see my role as a spiritual counselor utilizing astrology, tarot, and other divination arts as methods for my diagnosis to complement the counseling in my work. In other words, astrology acts as a profound tool, a language of the cosmos, allowing me to decode the universal influences that play a pivotal role in clients’ lives.

    This enriches the spiritual counseling process and enables me to offer insights that are not only deep but also tailor-fit to the individual’s cosmic blueprint. It’s a synergistic relationship where astrology provides the map, and spiritual counseling navigates personal growth and enlightenment. This balance allows me to guide others with empathy, depth, and a sense of connection to the larger universe, inspiring them to discover their unique path and potential.

    You first discovered your fascination for the stars at a science museum and have a scholarly background, having obtained multiple master’s degrees. What role does science play in your position as a spiritual counselor and astrologer?

    First, let me quote one of my favorites from Carl Sagan,

    “Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”

    Seamlessly bridging the tangible and the mystical, science has provided a solid foundation for my work as a spiritual counselor and astrologer. My academic endeavors, particularly in linguistics and counseling, have enriched my understanding of people, society, culture, and research-based psychology. This allows me to approach astrology and other esoteric studies with both reverence and a critical eye.

    This scholarly background instilled in me a disciplined methodology and a deep appreciation for the empirical aspects of the universe, which I believe enhances the credibility and depth of my spiritual guidance. I personally believe science does not detract from the spiritual; rather, it provides a complementary lens through which the mystical can be more intricately understood and applied, cultivating a unique space where logic and intuition coalesce to guide others in their spiritual journeys.

    You’ve shared how one of your clients interpreted your tarot reading as her late husband communicating with her. What role does the client have compared to your role in interpreting astrological and tarot readings?

    Each individual holds an innate ability to connect with the universe’s energies, or their “angels” so to speak, thus my role is to merely facilitate this connection through using tarot and astrology as a messenger, or “Pythia.” The story of my client finding solace in her late husband’s message through a tarot reading perfectly illustrates the synergy between a guide and the seeker. While I provide insights and interpretation, it’s the client who truly unlocks the intimate meanings relevant to their personal journey.

    This process is profoundly personal and subjective, making the client’s role paramount in deciphering the messages the universe holds for them. This mutual exploration not only empowers them but continually enriches my understanding and connection with the spiritual realms. As I always say to my clients,

    The magic you have always been seeking is always in you.”

    Having written multiple books and drawn to Western literature, as well as a degree in English and a love of Greek mythos, it’s clear that literature has been very important to you. How does this play into your role as a spiritual leader?

    I believe the universal resonance of the stories of gods, mortals, and their divine quests and challenges transcend all ages and cultures. Personally, Greek mythology has always offered me a fountain of timeless wisdom despite my Chinese heritage. Myths, particularly Greek myths, are a powerful mirror reflecting our human experience and our search for truth. As a spiritual counselor, I often revisit these ancient tales while counseling clients. Do you see the mighty Hercules in you?

    Can you resonate with your current endeavors with the heroic journey of Jason and the Argonauts? This is also why I created the Oracle of the Mythic Heroes, wishing to convey ancient wisdom through my own storytelling. I believe a profound connection exists between myths and the spiritual enlightening we seek. I hope to awaken a deeper, reflective understanding in my clients through myths telling and offer them meaningful insights that resonate with their quests.

    Astrology has many influences—there’s astrology, which comes from Greek myth, chakras from Hinduism, Yin and Yang from China, and tarot from Italy. What is at the core of all of these spiritual methods that connect them despite being from vastly different cultures?

    At the heart of all these varied forms of spiritualism, be it Greek mythology or Chinese philosophy, lies a universal quest for understanding oneself and the world around us. I personally believe that the foundation of all our esoteric studies is the basic concept of “As above, so below; as within, so without,” which explains the simple but complex synchronicity among all, the oneness of our universe.

    Different divinations or studies, though born from distinct cultures and historical contexts, all serve as tools for introspection and guidance. They provide languages through which we can interpret the complexities of human life and the mirroring universe (or vice versa). Each system offers unique pathways to wisdom, healing, and transformation with its symbols and narratives. In my practice and teachings, I strive to honor these diverse spiritual legacies by blending them in a way that speaks to the interconnectedness of all things.

    You mentioned the importance of mindfulness and rest, two mental-healing techniques often praised by psychologists. What role do psychological methods play in your spiritual counseling techniques?

    Mindfulness, for example, has become increasingly popular in modern-day psychotherapy. It teaches us to be present in the moment, allowing us to confront our realities and challenges with clarity and compassion. For me, blending psychological practices such as mindfulness with spiritual guidance offers a holistic approach to well-being. At the end of the day, mainstream psychotherapy and spirituality are the two ends of a seesaw.

    Combining them based on the client’s state and situation can powerfully facilitate their therapeutic process. For example, I often encourage clients to journal or create healthy social contacts to tackle their emotional challenges. The influence of these techniques is not just theoretical but deeply personal.

    In your teachings, you’ve shared that there is a tapestry woven from threads of our astrological influences, which appears similar to a blank-slate philosophy. However, astrology also has roots in fate, suggesting our paths are influenced by cosmic forces, not only our actions. How much of your view of an individual’s journey stems from Nurture instead of Nature?

    One of the best analogies I can think of is that there is the seed we have been given, and there is the effort and energy we give to nurture the seed, with the hope that it will become a beautiful tree and bear us delicious fruit. The concepts of Nature and Nurture are a fascinating dance between the two, where neither completely determines the outcome, but together, they create a harmonious melody that shapes the future. Astrology presents a cosmic guide (or the seed) that outlines the celestial influences at birth.

    For example, you could be born under parents who are both accountants. Still, somehow, you might show no interest in accounting but have a natural flair for art and beauty, eventually leading you to a career path in fashion design. That’s what the soul is yearning for (the seed). However, the canvas of life remains ours to paint with our choices, actions, and reactions to various situations.

    I believe that while the stars may offer the foundation, the nurturing (our experiences, the environment, the education) empowers us to wield the brush and colors with intentionality. The seed is in the soil now; how are you going to grow your tree? We are both born and made, and it is in recognizing and balancing this interplay that we can guide others to find their paths, purposes, and peace.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration; what or who inspires you the most?

    Inspiration comes from the mundane and daily life stories of individuals navigating the myriad challenges of existence. Every client I meet, every story of loss, triumph, or the quest for meaning, contributes to a wellspring of inspiration that informs my practice and personal philosophy.

    It is an empathetic listening ear that works as a perpetual source of wonder and revelation. I am also very fortunate to have met and worked with many successful professionals and teachers in the spiritual field. I still learn from them daily about their understanding and approach to astrology and counseling. 

    One of my early day teachers who passed great wisdom to me is Mr. Anthony Louis. I highly recommend his tarot books if you are keen to study the art of tarot. 

    You recently released your Oracle deck. What has that process been like for you? Were there rules you had to adhere to in the deck’s structure, or did you have a lot of creative freedom in designing?

    Releasing Oracle of the Mythic Heroes was truly an enlightening and deeply personal experience for me. The process was akin to a spiritual voyage, one that allowed me not just creative freedom but also encouraged a profound exploration within myself and the mystic realms I connect with. While there are traditional rules or “expectations” to an oracle deck, during the process, I was able to let my imagination run high. Every card tells a fascinating Greek Mythology story of my rendition (in the myth section) and my insights and vision (in the teaching section).

    I am very fortunate that I have an amazing publishing partner who supported my creative freedom, beliefs, and philosophy throughout the whole process while also giving me the constructive criticism that I needed to hear. My next oracle deck, Oracle of the Celestial Deities, the sequel to Oracle of the Mythic Heroes, will be released on June 18th, 2024. I hope these decks serve as a guide to introspection and discovery, and both will encourage my audience to listen deeply to the whispers of their souls and wake up their creative inner child. 

    What is your favorite motto, quote, or words to live by?

    “What you seek is seeking you.” — Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet and Islamic scholar

    This profound quote resonates deeply with me both personally and professionally. It serves as a constant reminder that our actions, thoughts, and intentions have the power to shape our reality and influence the world around us. I have always used this quote for self-encouragement empowerment — that we have the strength to effect positive change within us.

    While we set practical and positive intentions, we truly attract them to us. It’s a testament to the interconnectedness of our journeys and the profound impact we can have through mindfulness, kindness, and positive action.

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