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    NFL Fan Loyalty Explored In New National Study

    NFL Fan Loyalty Explored In New National Study

    Will the Denver Broncos’ horrible 2022 season impact the size of their fanbase?

    Not likely, according to my team at USDirect’s recent survey. Only 5% of respondents would switch teams after a terrible losing season.

    Methodology: surveyed 2,000 NFL fans from across the country, asking them about the level of their loyalty to their team and the reasons behind it.

    How Loyal Are NFL Fans?

    • 65% of fans have spent more than $100 on team merch in the last year.
    • 43% of fans would never switch teams despite cheating.
    • 49% of fans watch more than one NFL game per week.
    • 29% of the respondents became a fan of the team they support because their favorite player was on the team.
    • 73% of the respondents say they would still support their team if they moved cities and watch the team’s games on TV.
    • A further 19% would travel to see them play in person.

    Most Popular NFL Teams in the Survey

    1. Dallas Cowboys (167 fans)
    2. Atlanta Falcons (141 fans)
    3. Arizona Cardinals (121 fans)

    Family vs. Football

    The top three events that fans would miss to see their team in person in the Super Bowl:

    • 16% would miss a funeral
    • 17% would miss a birth
    • 23% would miss a marriage

    Fan Favorites

    The top three favorite players according to respondents:

    1. Tom Brady
    2. Patrick Mahomes
    3. Aaron Rodgers

    Find the full report HERE.

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    NFL Fan Loyalty Expl…

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