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    The New & Improved SsangYong Rexton Car

    The New & Improved SsangYong Rexton Car

    When the very first SsangYong Rexton appeared on the UK market all the way back in 2003, it was known for being very large and cheap.

    It wasn’t good for a whole lot else. In the years going by, the company didn’t do a lot to try and improve things. There were much more modern and sophisticated SUVs out there that appeared to highlight the great features that the cars had to offer, but that being said, things have changed a lot since.

    The models that are coming out in this day and age all show that the car is now able to go head to head with brands in Europe and that there are now so many fantastic options out there.

    Interior Upgrades

    Styling is nearly always subjective but when you look at everything, you will see that it has a much cleaner and more upmarket look. This is probably why the exterior changes just include a new grille. That being said, the sharper appearance cannot disguise the size. This is a big car, to say the least, it’s 8cm longer than the Santa Fe Hyundai. SsangYong has made a couple of mechanical tweaks with the Rexton but one thing that hasn’t changed is the separate construction with the chassis.

    This is because it was already a stand-out option and known for its durability. The Rexton also comes with three core trims. You have the EX, the ELX, and the Ultimate. The ICE edition comes with stunning Ice White pearl paint and the base cars are very well appointed too. The Ultimate model is packed to the top with technology, including Android Auto and even Apple Car Play too. The quilted leather and the cooled memory seats are fantastic.

    Engine Performance

    The Rexton strikes a good balance between off-road ability and of course, tarmac performance. SsangYong has managed to adjust some issues with the initial setups and it’s now known for coming with a stiffer and higher-end steel construction when you compare it to the other previous generations. SsangYong has introduced some recalibrated steering technology and it also comes with some adjusted weighting too. There are also some adjustments with the dampers, along with wheels and tires.


    The 4×4 wheels make this car especially suited to off-roading. As if that wasn’t enough, the steering is also very much overly assisted. This does take some getting used to but at the end of the day, the wind and the road noise aren’t noticeable at all which is a plus.  This car is ideal at striking the balance between on-road composure and off-road prowess. It’s a fantastic ride, to say the least, and the low range ratios that are in the gearbox mean that this car is able to keep on plowing when a lot of other SUVs keep on lagging behind.

    If you haven’t checked out this car yet, then you will certainly want to give it a go. It’s top-notch and all of the specifications help it to stand out as being one of the best SUVs on the market.

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