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    Jai Wolf Is A Name You’ll Hear All 2017

    Jai Wolf Is A Name You’ll Hear All 2017

    From violin to remixes, Jai Wolf is taking the country by storm.

    Sajeeb Saha balances a world of incredible talent between the powerful ripples of electronic music and hip-hop. Taking on the name Jai Wolf, this artist has garnered thousands of fans in only a short amount of time.

    It’s really not surprising how well Jai Wolf has done, considering his accomplished history. By the time he turned 15, “home” was the name of many different places, including Bangladesh and New York. As a young child of 5, Sajeeb developed adequate skill at the violin, eventually earning him a place on the New York All-State Orchestra. But there was something new to learn for Sajeeb, something bigger…

    In 2011, Sajeeb’s indie-electric project No Pets Allowed took off. Within a few years, his mashups and bootleg remixes began to generate attention through the quickly rising opportunities provided by the internet music community, which led to the beginnings of Jai Wolf.

    The Jai Wolf project was nothing short of a head-first dive into success. After a few months, Sajeeb ran into remix opportunities for established artists including Melanie Martinez, Dirty South, Alesso, and ODESZA. Despite all of this incredible success, Sajeeb’s biggest break came in late 2014 when Skrillex put the official stamp on one of Jai Wolf’s remixes.

    Jai Wolf continues to uprise and in 2016 introduced the world to “Drive”. The cinematic track collected over 1 million plays on both Soundcloud and Spotify in just the first few weeks.

    For 2017, Jai Wolf has a LOT to look forward to, and that means we do too! He just had a set at Coachella 2017 in front of a massive audience and in August, he’ll be joining some the biggest names in the music industry at Lollapalooza. Check it out!

    “Don’t compare your journey with someone else. Everyone’s journey is different.” – Jai Wolf


    Follow his journey! 




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