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    4 Ways You Can Eat Healthier Today

    4 Ways You Can Eat Healthier Today

    In colder months it can be challenging to add fruits and veggies to your diet.

    Here, we give you 4 ways to incorporate nutritional foods in an easy, tasty way!

    1. Fruit for Breakfast

    No matter what you eat,  add a piece of fresh, in-season fruit. Oatmeal? Top it with a banana or blueberries. Pancakes? Sliced strawberries make them complete. Eggs? Serve sliced kiwi fruit on the side.

    2. Savory Vegetables or Fruit and Eggs Equal a Meal

    Peppers, tomatoes, and avocado added to scrambled eggs or to an omelet make an instant balanced meal. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is quite possibly the easiest way to get more of the good stuff into your diet.

    3. Double-Up

    If your recipe for soup, stew, or casserole calls for 1 cup of chopped veggies, add 2. It’s a recipe rule we want to see you break!

    4. Commit to Meatless Monday

    Or any day, really. Pick a day or two each week and go meat-free, opting for an all fruit and veg meal. Adding plant protein sources like beans to your meals will keep you feeling satisfied.

    Now get going! It’s time to bulk up those plates with loads of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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