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    Globally Inspired Cocktails For World Cocktail Day

    Globally Inspired Cocktails For World Cocktail Day

    Today, May 13, celebrate World Cocktail Day by mixing up some drinks inspired by your favorite destinations.

    Pour a ready-made Irish rum & rye for a taste of Dublin, travel to New Zealand with a color-changing gin, and experience the exotic flavors of the Ancient Spice Route (Morocco to Malaysia) with a female-owned spiced gin.

    Ready-Made Irish Rum & Rye

    Ready-made Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye (SRP $38.00) a 50:50 blend of Caribbean aged rum and home-grown American rye whiskey. This fresh, organic, ginger root is macerated in the rum & rye blend, and a splash of bitters is added, ensuring this liberating libation can be enjoyed on the rocks as a ready-made Irish Old Fashioned. Simple in its nature, yet utterly complex and delightful, this never-before-tasted composition tickles the nose and loosens the lips.

    Color-Changing Gin: Scapegrace Black Gin

    The New Zealand-based Scapegrace Distillery begins, like all quality gins, with intense juniper and the addition of premium, exotic botanicals. The master distiller uses a combination of local sweet potato, Aronia berries, pineapple, and saffron, as well as Butterfly pea flower, which they source from Southeast Asia, to give Scapegrace Black a flavor profile that has wowed bartenders and gin fans worldwide. The flavor profile of Scapegrace Black (SRP$ 39.99) is unique, marrying a gin drinker’s love of juniper with something dark, delightfully devious, and unexpected.

    Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin, a Female-Owned, Exotic, Botanical Gin

    Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is a woman-made spiced London dry gin made with botanicals found along the Ancient Spice Route: from Morocco to Malaysia. Incredibly refreshing, this gin makes light, bright cocktails that are perfect for celebrating with Mom as well as serve as a great gift for the spirit-loving Mama in your life. Exotic cocktail recipes for a Grapefruit Spritz, Spiced Gin Sour, and a Moroccan Mojito can be found HERE. Available at for $34.99 as well as any fine wine and spirits retailer in the U.S.

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