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    5 Artists You Must Put on Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

    5 Artists You Must Put on Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

    Set the perfect mood this Valentine’s Day with these artists and their music.

    Love is in the air as couples gather, making intricate plans to celebrate their romance. One of the most important parts of creating a romantic atmosphere is picking the right songs to play while cuddling up with your significant other. Or, for those of us who are single, developing a light-hearted vibe when celebrating the hallmark holiday with friends. Either way, the best way to do so is by curating the perfect playlist. Don’t know who or what to play? Don’t worry, we’ve put together five artists that will generate the perfect vibe for your Valentine’s day celebration.

    5 must-have artists to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist:

    1. DC The Don

    Daijon Davis, aka DC The Don is an American rapper who shakes up the game like a Tilt-a-Whirl. The Rostum Records artist has released several hits, including WORST DAY 🙁 and SO WHAT among many others. He is well known for his infectious voice, unforgettable beats, and hard-hitting flows.

    From his newest album, SACRED HEART (+),  his single SRT is one to definitely put on your playlist. The song simultaneously gets you hyped while also soothing your soul which is just enough to set a romantic mood while keeping you captivated. Other singles to add are ALL NIGHT and I want you <3, where he speaks about a special someone. No matter what song it is that you decide to add, you just can’t go wrong with DC The Don.

    2. Cashma

    Cashma is a famous R&B singer and songwriter hailing from Macon, Georgia. Centered around love, the release of her newest album Purple Apartment features silky, soulful vocals, shimmering synths, and vibey, hypnotic melodies. She has garnered over half a million streams for her music thus far.

    Amongst many charming singles, one of her most famous singles, KISSES IN THE NIGHT  features a groovy melody that is perfect to garner a very romantic atmosphere. Along with this single, Groovy Love, Treat Me, and Someone to Love is ideal songs to put on a Valentine’s Day playlist. Whether with your significant other or friends, these songs will encapsulate an ideal vibe for the holiday.

    3. Nija

    From Union, New Jersey, Nija Charles is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who developed her interest in music from her family’s ties with music. Before she had even turned 21, Nija had written scores of Billboard Hot 100 hits. Her most recent release, Spend it evokes feelings of love, lust, and empowerment.

    Her most recent album, Dont Say I Didn’t Warn You is jam-packed with bangers that will rock your world and leave you wanting nothing but more. Nija’s beautiful voice evokes your inner dancer while leaving you in a trance. She will be a key asset to creating an optimal romantic mood.

    4. Antonio Breeze

    Boston artist and songwriter, Antonio Breez is making massive waves within the music industry. Just under two years after the success of his acclaimed fourth album, Views & Likes, which birthed breakout singles like “Listening To Drake” and “Snap Chat,” Boston rapper, singer, and songwriter Antonio Breez is gearing up to release his anticipated fifth studio, Views and Likes. 

    One of his most recent singles, Ride ” is a smooth and captivating offering, held together by Breez’s vocal dexterities and infectious melodies, under which producer Luciano lays an undeniable R&B sound bed that’s driven by glorious Spanish guitar arrangements, 808 drum patterns, and lush synths. Putting this song on your playlist, along with Palm Trees and Atmosphere, are essential hits to soothe your ears.

    5. Jay Critch

    Putting his borough on his back as he continues a new phase of his career, Jay Critch is on a mission to ascend to NYC rap’s upper echelon. Since he burst onto the scene as a teenager with singles like “Ad Libs” and the beloved Hood Favorite mixtape, Jay Critch has been one of New York’s favorite sons.

    His collaborations with Rich The Kid and Famous Dex on the Rich Forever mixtape series remain the stuff of legend, but he hasn’t stopped switching up his style or releasing new heat for the streets. Singles like Where’s Dexter, Chanel and Paris, and Still Wavy are some of many that will curate a chill yet captivating emotion. Add these and/or others to complete the fullest Valentine’s Day playlist.

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