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    5 Broadway Musicals That Will Blow Your Mind

    5 Broadway Musicals That Will Blow Your Mind

    With the reopening of the economy after the pandemic, musicals are back on the radar.

    People are piling into theaters to watch live performances of their favorite shows once more.

    Currently, the average theater-goer is spoiled for choice, though. There are just so many musicals currently running it’s hard to pick just one.  Fortunately, we’re here to help.

    In the following article, you’ll find a shortlist of the most mind-blowing musicals currently performing. Check them out below:


    Cabaret is a musical like no other. Set in the Kit Kat Klub in Berlin, it charts the rise to power of the Nazis during 1930s Germany. The performance centers around the lives of Cliff Bradshaw and Sally Bowles, an American writer and English performer, following their relationship.

    Everything seems okay at first. However, growing troubles threaten their relationship. Flamboyant performances help to increase the escapist sentiment the couple feels. Cabaret originally hit Broadway in 1966. However, it enjoyed a 1998 revival and has been showing one and off ever since.

    Shen Yun

    The Chinese Communist Party ransacked China’s culture after coming to power in the middle of the 20th century. Before their arrival, the country was spiritually developed and had a rich, 5,000-year history.

    Shen Yun is a musical performance that attempts to reintroduce the world to the culture of ancient China. It celebrates a time before communism, political violence, enforced atheism, and the current ideological monoculture. It shows what China used to be like before its fall through dance and song, and points to a bright future post-CCP for the country as well.

    The Rocky Horror Show

    The Rocky Horror show is today one of the most identifiable versions of a story involving how Dr. Frank N. Furter entities a young couple, Janet and Brad, into his home. However, the musical wasn’t always popular. The Rocky Horror Show film first released in 1975 and proved to be a massive hit in both Los Angeles and London. However, the musical version was initially a flop. New York audiences simply weren’t ready for it.

    The live version of the story underwent twenty years of tweaks and refinements before Broadway agreed to air it in 2000. Since then, it’s gone from success to success, filling out packed theaters every night for years on end. It’s now a true cult classic.


    Broadway shows typically appeal to New York audiences, but Hamilton has somehow managed to go global since its debut in 2015. It charts the story of one of the US’s lesser-known founding fathers through the lens of an immigrant narrative. Most of the performers in the show are non-white, part of the show’s political ideology.

    Guys And Dolls

    Lastly, we have Guys and Dolls, a dark musical set in a gritty underworld of gambling. Despite the bleak subject matter, though, the performance contains a substantial quantity of both humor and charm.

    Guys and Dolls originally premiered on Broadway in the 1950s. Since then, there have been two revivals in 1992 and 2009, with the show remaining popular to this day.

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