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Emerging Label Bonanza Paris Specializes In Timeless Jewelry That Has A Forever Appeal

Future heirlooms in the making, their collections are made with women in mind, with all their facets and beauty at the forefront of their inspiration, letting their jewelry complement.

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Hadas Aharon Shares Experiences With The Fashion Matters

Launched in June 2015 by Hadas Aharon, The Fashion Matters provides a source of inspiration to travel in style.

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Katerina Seigel Is Elevating Women’s Lifestyle

Katerina, the blogger behind Sincerely Katerina is a resource for women worldwide providing style tips, recipes, and lifestyle inspiration.

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Founder Of Pepper: Jaclyn Fu Creates Limitless Comfort

Pepper is the first brand to design products specifically for women with small boobs, starting with bras. Traditional bra brands have created crazy aspirational body standards that are impossible for…

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