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    TikTok May Launch A New Music Streaming App

    TikTok May Launch A New Music Streaming App

    TikTok may be preparing the release of an all-new music streaming app.

    42Matters recently analyzed the most popular music streaming apps in the United States in light of the recent revelation that ByteDance may be preparing to launch TikTok Music. In particular, we looked at download trends for Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora. Here’s some of what we found…

    The Top-Performing Android Music Streaming Apps in the United States Over the Last 30 Days

    1. YouTube Music by Google LLC: 30-day Android Downloads in the U.S.: 2,331,658

    2. Spotify: Music and Podcasts by Spotify AB: 30-day Android Downloads in the U.S.: 1,923,244

    3. Pandora: Music & Podcasts by Pandora: 30-day Android Downloads in the U.S.: 929,183

    The Top-Performing iOS Music Streaming Apps in the United States Over the Last 30 Days

    1. Spotify – Music and Podcasts by Spotify: 30-day iOS Downloads in the U.S.: 3,046,571

    2. YouTube Music by Google LLC: 30-day iOS Downloads in the U.S.: 1,566,513

    3. Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts by AMZN Mobile LLC 30-day iOS Downloads in the U.S.: 1,283,274

    Downloads for the top Android music streaming apps have been solid in 2022…

    Above you’ll find daily U.S. downloads for the most popular Android music streaming apps: YouTube Music (purple), Spotify (green), and Pandora (red). These downloads are from the period between January 1st and August 2nd, 2022.In total, these apps have been downloaded 35,749,517 times in the U.S. since the beginning of 2022.

    • YouTube Music has 17,250,950 downloads.
    • Spotify: Music and Podcasts has 12,536,108 downloads.
    • Pandora – Music & Podcasts has 5,962,459 downloads.

    Downloads for the top iOS music streaming apps have also been strong…

    This chart is similar to the previous one, except that it focuses on the top iOS music streaming apps. There’s a lot of overlap here: YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. This chart likewise shows downloads from January 1st to August 2nd, 2022.

    In total, these apps have been downloaded 15,748,015 times in the U.S. in 2022.

    • YouTube Music has 9,720,832 downloads.
    • Spotify – Music and Podcasts has 3,150,815 downloads.
    • Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts has 2,876,368 downloads.

    TikTok has been hard at work remaking social media in its own image. However, despite the app’s preeminence, music streaming is a different beast. It will take an herculean effort to unseat platforms like Spotify and YouTube in the United States. This is especially true considering misgivings over TikTok’s security practices and growing calls to curtail the company’s influence within the country.

    About 42matters

    42matters is a leading provider of mobile app data and app store insights. 42matters facilitates a holistic overview of the mobile app market by leveraging its unique arsenal of machine learning algorithms to research every app and developer on the major app stores and connected TV channel stores. These include the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Tencent Appstore, AppleTV App Store, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Channel Store.

    42matters serves customers operating across a wide range of sectors — from software to advertising, to research, and beyond. Companies like Unity3D, Twitter, and Nvidia rely on 42matters to monitor app store trends, identify new markets, and keep an eye on their biggest competitors. 42matters is a privately held company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, backed by Gamma Capital Partners, Project A, and Atlantic Labs.

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