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    Zaxsu Releases New Single “Divine” feat. Tiko Marsala

    Zaxsu Releases New Single “Divine” feat. Tiko Marsala

    California-based artists Zaxsu and Tiko Marsala have released their first piece of music together entitled “Divine.”

    The song is and dance/sample-based groove that complements Zaxsu’s vocals perfectly. Check out the track below.

    The brand new single by Zaxsu entitled “Divine” feat. Tiko Marsalais out now. A pulsating beat, paired with an array of vocal samples and various electronic instruments, accompanies the smooth and ‘divine’ vocals of this song.

    This is the first collaboration between Zaxsu and Tiko Marsala, and the blend of style is seamless. Out of their collective creativity, a silky dance track was produced that could either liven a dance floor or could blast through the car speakers on a late-night drive.

    As the beat drives forward Zaxsu sings of that moment of connection that can be found through the dance floor. The music moves through you, and that other person, in such a way you are drawn to each other. This kind of connection is unique, and not only is it presented through this song, but it is also something that can be manifested by its infectious beat as well.

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    Zaxsu Releases New S…

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