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    5 Social Media Trends To Follow

    5 Social Media Trends To Follow

    Over recent years, social media has developed in popularity and gone to be one of the most important aspects of people’s lives.

    As a result of the public’s heavy use of social media, many businesses have, in turn, developed their work on the different online platforms to cater to people’s needs and gain some visibility.

    Considering pretty much everyone nowadays owns a smart device that can access social media platforms, different trends have started to emerge that help people and brands to be more unique and visible online.

    Here are some of the most popular social media trends that you should follow.

    1. Personalization of Content

    As social media platforms develop, personal content has been seen developing with it. Personalization of content is a trend that many brands online have been seen taking as it has been providing tremendous results. Any website or brand looking to increase their visibility on social media and attract more people should try to make their content more personal to the audience and relevant to their taste so that they follow their page or profile. Marketing professionals have long been using tactics trying to make brands more relevant to specific groups of people and with the rise of social media platforms, it has become much easier and much quicker to attract consumers by personalizing content more efficiently on a wider scale.

    2. Advancements in Ads

    Over the past few years, numerous brands have completely changed the way they spend money on regular forms of advertising. With social media being everyone’s new best friend, more brands have taken the route of advertising on their platforms rather than follow the old traditions of advertising through mass media. With that shift, a trend of advertising in a more dynamic and direct way of social media has made its advancement.

    It goes hand in hand with personalizing content to suit the target audience. As social media platforms are becoming safer and more inviting for people to do their shopping, for products or services, brands are advancing in their advertising tactics to meet their demands and create unique experiences for the consumers through online ads.

    3. Engaging with Niche Influencers

    Since social media platforms’ popularity started to rise, brands have worked with influencers on marketing for products and services. Nowadays, with the evolutionary era of social media taking place, brands are starting to work with more niche influencers who are more authentic in their content rather than those who have high numbers of followers. Social media users form strong bonds with some authentic influencers.

    They copy some of their actions and follow their recommendations blindly at times when they trust their word and how legitimate and genuine the influencers are. That has led to the trend of brands engaging more with niche influencers and hiring them for marketing work that is crystal clear to the audience. If you use Twitter, another interesting trend to try is Twitter automation – influencers are using these tools to grow their accounts.

    4. Development of Video and Stories

    Social media stories are trending rapidly among the majority of social media users. The great thing about the stories trend is that it is easy to work with and it is quite engaging. Video content is entertaining and widely shared among social media users. Any online business or even a personal brand looking to be exposed to more social media users should be on top of their stories and video content to learn about all the new developments of the trend.

    5. Diversifying with Platforms

    Back in the days when social media platforms were a new addition to the online world, some brands chose to stick to just one or two social media platforms that they understood and were familiar with. Nowadays, there are several social media platforms that are making waves and getting more and more buzz by the day so it is important for brands to jump on that trend and diversify with platform visibility. It is not too hard to understand how new social media platforms work. All you need to do is spend some time analyzing the audience behavior on the new platforms and give it a shot. There is always room for trial and error when it comes to social media.

    Trends in social media develop by the minute and it is important for businesses and personal brands to keep informed with all the updates. As more and more social media platforms start blossoming, make sure you are always on top of where your target audience is and how you can create content that relates to them more. Remember to look for authenticity rather than the number of likes and shares as this is what everyone online is looking for.


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      August 10, 2022

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