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    Can You Guess Which States Have The Most Expensive Internet In The US?

    Can You Guess Which States Have The Most Expensive Internet In The US?

    In 2020, the Digital Divide issue has been highlighted more than in any other year to date.

    Many Americans are relying on the internet more than ever for work, school, and staying connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. At, we wanted to see how much the cost of the internet varies across the US in 2020.

    You can see the full report here.

    Here are some other interesting findings from the report:

    • The most expensive states for internet per Mbps: Wyoming ($7.84), North Dakota ($7.57), and Montana ($7.28), South Dakota, Virginia, Iowa, New Mexico, North Carolina, Alabama, and Nebraska.
    • The least expensive states for internet per Mbps: Rhode Island ($0.63), D.C. ($0.84), and Massachusetts ($1.13), Georgia, New York, California, Maryland, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Texas.
    • The nationwide average cost per megabit is $3.91.
    • The average cost of an internet plan per month in the US is $60 per month.
    • Why megabits per second? We averaged how much each state pays per Mbps because it better reflects the value of internet service than ranking by average monthly payments. The latter doesn’t take into account the balance between cost and internet speed quality.

    Methodology: The data analysts at compiled proprietary data from 350,000 internet packages across the US to see how much each state pays for internet services. We analyzed this data to find the average monthly price for internet service in each state and further broke it down into the average price per Mbps to better highlight the differences in cost among different states.

    What is

    They are a third-party internet plan comparison site. They help consumers make the best choice for their internet needs, kind of like the Kayak or Expedia of internet plans.

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    Can You Guess Which …

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