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    Digital Signage: What It Is And Why Your Business Needs It

    Digital Signage: What It Is And Why Your Business Needs It

    There are constantly new benefits and opportunities being created for businesses because of technological developments. A really exciting one for many types of business is digital signage.

    Digital signage is great for engaging with customers, advertising the products and services of your business and giving your customers and clients important information or notifications.

    There are still some businesses that are skeptical about the benefits of digital signage and think that they are able to get the same outcomes with regular signage options.

    In this article, we will explain exactly what digital signage is and why your business needs it.

    What is digital signage?

    Digital signage is essentially any digital or electronic sign or advertisement board or screen. These days, you can see them everywhere, from fast food restaurants to huge department stores. The experts at Yodeck explain that they are the modern equivalent of the traditional poster or advertising hoarding, and when used effectively, they can provide many benefits to all kinds of businesses.

    Digital signage is incredibly versatile, and these days, with advanced cloud-based options, businesses are able to synchronize all their digital signs and operate them from a single computer. This creates a huge number of opportunities for every kind of business and retail store.

    Digital signage helps your business to advertise

    In the past, when a multi-location company was entering a new retail season or launching an advertising campaign for the first time, they would need to design and print all of the necessary posters and promotional literature, and then ship it to all of their stores to decorate. Doing all of this is extremely resource consuming, and takes up a lot of time and money.

    By using digital signage, all of this can be done digitally. All a business needs to do is use the cloud to design the branding and advertisements for the new season or advertising campaign, and automatically transmit it to every one of their digital signs.

    This saves companies a huge amount of money, manpower and time as everything can be done by just a small, specialized team of advertisers and designers.

    Digital signage helps boost your sales

    Digital signage is ideal to facilitate a last minute sale or product promotion if there is a particular line of products or services that your business really wants to push.

    A good example of this is in the fashion industry. As the season changes, fashion retailers can synchronize their digital signs to promote the lines that are about to go out of season. Similarly, chain and franchise restaurants that want to stop selling something off their menu, can launch an immediate promotion to push all of the stock of that item before it is discontinued. It allows customers to make ordering decisions more quickly and is more customer friendly. Before delving into the world of digital signage it is worth looking at digital menu board prices to make sure it is the right decision for your business. 

    Digital signage helps to engage with customers

    The Covid-19 pandemic was the ultimate test of businesses’ versatility and ability to adapt to unforeseen problems. Whilst the virus was spreading over the planet and all the countries of the world were left trying to find the best solutions, businesses too had to try and find innovative ways to stay operational. Different countries’ governments have enforced specific rules and regulations for stores and other businesses, and many were forced to close.

    However, since the global lockdown has started to be lifted, these companies are now facing the challenge of reopening with a whole new set of rules and regulations on social distancing, mask wearing, and other solutions for stopping the spread of the virus. Digital signs are a great way to give customers up-to-the-minute information of in-store and government health regulations.

    This is very useful because the response to Covid-19 has to be fluid in order to be effective, so it is vital for businesses to be are able to change their approach quickly. Digital signs can be used to tell customers not to stand too close to each other, and to wear necessary PPE.

    Digital signage allows you to change menus and daily specials

    Many restaurants, bars and coffee shops have different daily specials alongside their regular menus. These enable the businesses to keep things exciting for their customers, and offer the best seasonal and local produce, as well as providing an opportunity for test-running new menu items.

    Digital signage allows businesses to advertise these special menu items without having to have posters made up or changing the entire menu, which can be expensive. Implementing digital signage solutions like Rise Vision into your business can have so many benefits.

    It allows you to keep your customers informed about promotions, to coordinate new sales seasons and to create on the spot multi-location menu and advertising changes. Whatever type of business you are in, you should consider implementing digital signage. Rent a LED screen from Toledo to help your business maximize its sales and advertising efforts.

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    • Elisa
      January 3, 2023

      I believe that custom business signs are now very important for local business if you want to attract new customers from the street and make yourself known. I know a company in Woburn, MA – that made a sign for my coffee shop and it was a great way to get my name out there. Of course, you should also think about local marketing and digital methods in the same way.

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