How ‘Lost’ Star Henry Ian Cusick Helped Jumpstart a Hawaiian Tech Company

    Honolulu’s Beth Carvin and her husband Bruce Daly were elbow-deep in planning their second startup, a unique memory journaling platform called JamBios, when an unusual creative partnership has enlivened the JamBios concept.

    JamBios‘s concept sparked from the couple’s chance encounter with ‘Lost’ star Henry Ian Cusick, and his playwright/theater director wife Annie. Along the way, both sides have discovered surprising overlaps in the creative and startup worlds.

    Ian had just finished filming ‘Rememory,’ a movie about a machine that extracts and shares memories. Annie invokes memory regularly in her work, both in writing and in cueing actors to revisit elements of their lives to shape their performances.

    With JamBios’ emphasis on memory and storytelling, mirroring the Cusicks’ own professional pursuits, both immediately signed on as creative advisors.

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      How ‘Lost’ Star …

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