Plan On Buying A Standing Desk? Here Are The Qualities To Look For

    The future of office technology is well upon us.

    Considering the types of tech we use from the software of video conferencing to the smartphones we carry around with us everywhere, it’s not hard to imagine how our lives at work are getting easier and easier.

    There’s also a belief that if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it, but that isn’t necessarily true in the case of the desk.

    An office desk is nothing special, usually only needing a base and a flat surface for the frame, but standing desks are a welcome change of pace. The reasoning behind them is pretty sound, that sitting for too long has an adverse effect on our health and productivity, but what should a good standing desk look like? Here are some key qualities.

    Controls and Power

    If you’re someone who wants things done fast (and who doesn’t?) then you will definitely want to consider an automated (electric) standing desk. This is one of the easiest ways to adjust the height of your work station seamlessly, but there are also pneumatic options too that are quite popular. The folks at Desky show that the control and power source of a standing desk is rather important, and it makes sense when you consider that it’s supposed to help you be more productive. This is a feature to look for when browsing for a sit-stand desk.

    Full Desk Setup vs. Stand

    There are also different frames for standing desks. The most common is the full desk setup which includes the frame and the table, one cohesive unit, while there are more low-fi options in stands that sit on a desk that you can take on or off to place a computer monitor/laptop. These have less functionality than the full units with controls or power, but they do allow you to pick up and place your stand wherever you’d like. It all comes down to how much you want your standing desk to do for you.

    Unit Cost

    Like any piece of office supply you’re going to want to consider how much the standing desk costs. The more expensive units, with power/controls, are going to run about $200 – $400 depending on the make and model, while the stands that go on desks can be as cheap as $50 all the way to $400. Before buying any standing desk, consider how much you’re getting for what you’re paying for. You can easily find a standing desk with great bells and whistles that will keep you within your budget.

    Size and Proportions

    Standing desks sound like something that would take up a lot of space when you mention controls, power supply, or pneumatics but the reality is that they’re quite space-accomodating. The stands that go on desks are rather small and fit on most desks, and the full framed units aren’t much bigger either. They’ll be able to fit in nearly any office size, but consider the depth of the desk when thinking about all the stuff you need to place on it and how far you want to pull your chair in while sitting.

    Build Quality and Materials

    The build quality is always important, which goes hand in hand with the material they use to construct it. Most desks are made of some combination of wood, PVC, acrylic, aluminum, steel, or wood veneer, which shouldn’t shock you. Most desks are made of these so it’s not a surprise that a standing desk can be quite durable, or it can be quite cheap. This comes down to your preference in aesthetic quality, to match the office, as well as the brand you buy from and how much you’re willing to spend.

    Other Qualities and Considerations

    Some other things to look for include features or additional parts. Monitor arms and mounts are good if you need multiple screens, similarly, it’s good to find a chair that is ergonomic to go with the desk, you can also find an on-desk power supply for plugins, drawers to attach, and surface chargers. Anything to help make the desk a full, usable workstation is important to get the most from your standing desk.

    Typical office desks are pretty bland and uninspired, but they don’t need to be all that special, right? Wrong, and standing desks prove that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make it better. Getting the benefit of helping your body is important, which is why you should always be on the lookout for those qualities of a standing desk.

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