The Ill-effects of Sugary Drinks (And Health Benefits of Water)

    Drinking plentiful water daily is one of the most important things for good health and well-being.

    Proper hydration provides you with a range of health benefits that helps to not only maximize your physical performance but also elevates your mood and energy levels.

    In contrast, consuming large quantities of sugar-sweetened beverages, sodas or sports drinks can contribute to various health complications. Thus, to avoid chronic dehydration and keep your overall health optimal, switching from sugary drinks to water is important.

    Ill-effects of Sugary Drinks

    • The primary ill-effect of sugary drinks is weight gain and obesity. Apart from offering zero nutrient value, it adds on to your calorie intake. Plus, consumption of excessive soda combined with a sedentary lifestyle makes an individual more prone to heart-related diseases.
    • Consuming a high quantity of carbonated or sugary beverages can lead to insulin resistance or deficiency, which increases the risk of type-2 diabetes.
    • Poor oral health is one of the other pitfalls of drinking soft drinks regularly. Soda or fizzy drinks contain a high amount of added sugar that can damage your tooth enamel as well as cause cavities and tooth decay. It can also lead to receding gum line.
    • Sugary drinks can increase the risk of kidney stones. Also, it can lead to poor gut health which can cause digestive problems.
    • Accelerating the ageing process is another adverse effect of sugar-sweeten beverages. It not only dehydrates your skin but also causes skin sagging, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines.

    Health Benefits of Water

    When you replace all sugary drinks with water, you’ll notice many health changes as water promotes good health. Some of the health benefits of water include:

    • Enhanced digestive system: Water helps regulate your bowel movements, thereby preventing constipation, stomach ulcers, and other digestive problems.
    • Aids in weight loss: By increasing your water intake, you can boost your metabolic rate, which will help you to burn calories faster. Also, as a natural appetite suppressant, it helps reduce hunger and keeps you satiated for a longer time.
    • Improve skin health: Staying hydrated helps boost collagen production and keeps your skin moisturized. It helps prevent premature aging & wrinkles and promotes soft, glowing skin and complexion.
    • Prevent kidney stones: Drinking enough water ensures your kidneys are working efficiently and toxin waste is eliminated from the body smoothly, thereby preventing kidney stones.
    • Lubricate the joints: The added sugar in soda can weaken your bones over time. Thus, by switching to water, you can keep the cartilage found in joints lubricated, thereby maintain healthy and strong bones. Water can also help improve muscle flexibility and endurance.
    • Absorbs nutrients: Water helps to absorb important nutrients and vitamins from food. These nutrients are then used by the body to keep you healthy and fit.
    • Relieves fatigue and headaches: Even mild dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue. As such, by drinking enough water, you can alleviate fatigue & headaches. Plus, it helps improve your focus, memory, and concentration.

    To sum up, water is the best way to keep all illnesses at bay. So make sure to keep yourself hydrated and stay away from sugar-sweetened beverages and sodas.

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