12 Destinations For Active Travelers: From Walking The Great Wall Of China To Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Exploring European cities often means walking lots and lots of kilometers, whereas island holidays might be filled with adrenaline-filled water sports like kite-surfing.

The Bucket List Burner’ pinpoints twelve destinations – one for each month of the year – that will scratch your itch to travel. But more than that, it’s focused on activities that represent fun ways to burn calories.

From gorilla trekking in Rwanda to spinning down ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia, the ‘Bucket List Burner’  has revealed:

  • Zumba your way across the Great Wall: Travellers will burn an estimated 2,515 calories walking across the great wall of China. This is the equivalent of taking 5 Zumba sessions (1 hour per session).

  • Real Life Temple run: Angkor marathon runners burn 3,429 calories, steeplechasing through ancient Cambodian monuments.  You may be able to run the same distance on a treadmill, but your experience won’t be the same.

  • Manjaro challenges all: 20,000 feet, 49 miles, 7 days. 4.3 kickboxing sessions, equates to one day climbing Kilimanjaro. Hikers will burn 1,935 calories per day and a total of 13,549.

For more insights on the best destinations to burn calories while traveling the world, you can visit the Bucket List Burner’s List.

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