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    How To Plan An Amazing Trip To Vietnamese Beaches

    How To Plan An Amazing Trip To Vietnamese Beaches

    Vietnam is an underappreciated gem.

    The nation has fantastic food, great jungles, and incredible beaches. It is also very safe, so there is no reason not to go there. If it is a nation that you are interested in exploring, then when you are there it’s definitely worthwhile checking out the aforementioned beaches. They are without a doubt some of the region’s best. Many of Vietnam’s beaches are completely untouched, as tourists do not go to them. If you are interested in finding out how you can locate such beaches, then this post has got you covered.

    Here’s how to plan a trip to a Vietnamese beach:

    1. Conduct Research

    If you want to find a beach that’s not bustling with tourists, then conduct research. As mentioned in this post’s introduction, there are many untouched beaches in the country of Vietnam. Finding them can be a little challenging, though. The best way to find them is to use your phone’s map feature, and then scan the coast looking for patches of sand. If there is jungle around the beach, then do not attempt to enter it unless you are in the company of a guide. This is because it is very easy to get lost in dense jungle, and your phone might not have service, which could mean you aren’t able to call for help. You can also use tourist sites, forums, and blogs to find out about hidden beaches.

    2. Ask Around

    Another thing to consider doing is asking around. If you are staying in a resort town, or in close proximity to the coast, then you can ask locals for beach recommendations. Most will be more than happy to share information about hidden beaches that they know, as long as you compensate them for their time. Also, you may want to consider hiring a guide. A guide will be able to take you out to the coast and to any beaches they personally know about. When hiring a guide, take your time and make sure that they are genuine and knowledgeable about the area.

    3. Bringing Equipment

    When you go to the beach, you need to take the right equipment with you. You’ll need to take the perfect beach blanket, which you can find and buy online before visiting, as well as swimming gear, some towels, and some water. You may even want to consider bringing a picnic basket with some food in it, which is something that will be covered later on.  Most people travel by motorcycle in Vietnam, so if you have rented one, make sure you don’t overpack your bag, otherwise, you may struggle to ride your bike.

    4. Checking Weather

    Always check the weather before you go to the beach. While it is true that Vietnam usually has fantastic weather, sometimes it rains very heavily. If you get caught in a storm on the beach, you may end up having to retreat into the jungle or fields behind it, which could then lead to you getting lost. You may also not be able to use your motorcycle until the rain stops. Taking the time to check the weather first before you go anywhere will make traveling around Vietnam a lot easier, and a lot less stressful.

    5. Local Cafés

    What are you going to eat for lunch? If you are going to a beach that is frequented by tourists and holidaymakers, then there will no doubt be vendors on the beach selling foods, and cafés that you can go to. However, if you are going to one that’s a little more off the beaten track, then there might not be cafés directly on the beach. If you will be going somewhere remote, then try to find local towns and villages that serve food, so you can stop for something to eat. Swimming and running around at the beach can get pretty tiresome, so stopping at a café on the way home will help you to recharge your batteries.

    6. Packing Lunch

    If there are no cafés or restaurants in the area, then your only other option is to make a packed lunch. If you are going with friends, family, or your partner, then a picnic on the beach could be a fantastic way to unwind. However, the weather in Vietnam can get very hot, and food could spoil if it’s not properly packed. Make sure that you use a cooler bag for any meats or perishable items, so that they do not go rotten.

    Vietnam is a wonderful country, well worth visiting if you love beaches, friendly people, and gorgeous countryside. It’s also a very cheap country to travel in. It is somewhere that everybody should go at least once in their lives. If you are planning a trip, then consider this post’s advice when searching for a beach to go to.

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