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    Making The Most of Vacation Time: Why Travelers Should Prioritize Working With Local Experts

    Making The Most of Vacation Time: Why Travelers Should Prioritize Working With Local Experts

    New survey commissioned by Exodus Travels emphasizes the crucial role of local guides and carefully planned itineraries.

    While many Americans find their vacations to be fulfilling and enjoyable, only 45 percent felt their trips lived up to expectations, according to new research. What was also revealed is travelers who sought out expert guidance were much more likely to have a positive experience.

    Commissioned by Exodus Travels, and conducted by OnePoll, the survey polled 2,000 Americans who have traveled internationally in the past five years, and looked at respondents’ travel expectations and explored tips on how to make the most of every trip.

    Respondents who prioritized working with an expert in the area (33 percent) said they were more likely to avoid disappointment and make the most of their trips.

    When asked about future travel plans, 87 percent of respondents said they are taking steps to ensure a successful vacation, including learning about the history and culture of their destination (35 percent), and seeking out advice from local experts (34 percent).

    “The presence of an expert local guide and brilliant itineraries are the secret to creating memorable experiences,” said Katy Rockett, Director of Growth at Exodus Travels. “Making the most of precious time away in new places takes knowhow, experience, and incredible planning.”As for those travelers who felt they were left wanting, 67 percent said it was their own planning (or lack thereof) that led them to be disappointed while traveling for leisure, with about one-third (31 percent) finding that if the destination didn’t match expectations, it impacted their entire trip.

    “Incredible vacations don’t just happen by chance,” continued Rockett. “With the right preparation and guidance, travelers can increase their chances of having a fulfilling and memorable experience.”

    What Steps Can People Take To Make the Most of Their Vacation?

    1. Learn about the history and story of the places — 35%
    2. Work to learn some words in the local language — 35%
    3. Use information from local experts who know more than the guidebook — 34%
    4. Travel with an itinerary planned by someone who’s an expert in the area — 33%
    5. Have the full itinerary organized by an expert — 33%
    6. Do more research before traveling — 33%
    7. Have backup plans in case anything goes wrong — 31%
    8. Plan the trip with a tour group or travel guide — 31%
    9. Better plan the sights they want to see — 27%
    10. Travel with a local tour guide — 26%
    11. Travel as part of a small group trip — 25%
    12. Seek out non-touristy locations — 25%

    For more information about Exodus Travels, and its full line-up of guided and self-guided adventures around the world, visit

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    • Ada
      May 3, 2023

      This is actually quite a good solution, thank you for the post. I recently returned from a trip to Europe and completed it in Lithuania. My last vacation was in a hut in a pine forest from the company which gave me an unforgettable vacation in nature

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