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    Securing Your Bike With These Helpful Tips

    Securing Your Bike With These Helpful Tips

    Cycling is a sport on the up right now with seemingly half the population out on the country roads and lanes at the weekends.

    It is hardly surprising given the fact we have all been cooped up in our homes under lockdown for the last four months just itching to get out.

    Cycling is also great for our fitness with people of all ages and abilities able to get out on a bike for some valuable exercise, but one question on everybody’s minds is how do I secure my bike? Whether you use your bike for transport to work or purely for leisure activities it is always necessary to leave it somewhere.

    Here we are going to look at some top tips to ensure that it is always left securely.

    Get the right lock

    Locking up your bike is always a challenge as thieves are experienced at cutting most types of lock. Remember this is their career and they will stop at nothing until they have achieved their goal, and that is stealing your expensive bike. Many types of lock are simply far too lightweight such as cable locks as they can easily be snipped though. Much better is the thick metal u-shaped style lock that requires heavy-duty cutting equipment to penetrate.

    Depending on where you are leaving your bike it might be worth using a second lock as an extra defense because a thief will think twice if they have to spend too long trying to steal it. You should also ensure that the locks go around the tire and the frame otherwise your tires could be at risk, and it may be worth taking your saddle with you as normally these can easily be lifted off.

    Use a roof rack

    When we talk about securing our bikes, we are not only talking about securing them from thieves, we are also talking about securing them during transportation. Sure, many people ride locally, but others like to travel further afield to go on a cycle trip and this often means that you have to transport your bike by a car. The best way of doing this is by roof rack, however, there is a mountain of different products on the market.

    Professionals from suggest getting models that have actually been designed by cycle enthusiasts rather than large corporations just trying to make a quick buck. These racks have been designed with stability, safety, and security in mind, so make sure you do your research before parting with your hard-earned cash. There would be nothing worse than your treasured bike falling off the roof during transportation, so look after it!

    Register your bike

    One great way of ensuring that your bike is more secure is to have it registered with the authorities. We all have our cars registered by law, but why would you not have your bike that cost thousands of dollars registered too. If you protect it in this way then a thief will be unable to sell it on through any legitimate means as it will be marked and registered with the authorities.

    The frame and all other components of your bike will be indelibly stamped with a unique serial number that can be used to trace your bike in the event that it goes missing.

    Make it unattractive to steal

    Obviously, your bike is your pride and joy, you probably spent many hours working at the coalface to pay for it, nevertheless, sometimes it can pay to make it a bit unattractive so that thieves aren’t drawn to it. Removing the saddle is a simple start as it becomes difficult and dangerous to ride without one. Consider also leaving it dirty after a day in the local woods so that it is covered in mud and less distinguishable from other models. You could also cover it in tape to make it look as if it is old and in a state of disrepair. Basically, you want to do anything you can to deter a would-be thief from considering stealing it.

    As we have learned there are many things you can do to make your bike more secure. Using a proper lock is the place to start and if your bike is being left in a crime hotspot use a second lock and ensure that the wheels are secure as well as the frame. Always make sure you invest in a high-quality roof rack so that your bike is secure during transportation and register your bike with the authorities so that it is much harder for a thief to sell your bike on, should it be pinched.

    Follow this practical guide and your bike will be secure from thieves and during transit alike.

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