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    La Pera Projects Revolutionizes The Art World Through A Digital Approach

    La Pera Projects Revolutionizes The Art World Through A Digital Approach

    New art members club La Pera Projects offers a cadre of exciting artists at affordable prices through a fresh, modern, and intimate approach.

    Named after a fruit to transcend the traditional white walls of a gallery space, its mission is to make contemporary art more accessible to the public. La Pera Projects is the first mobile art collecting platform that provides transparent and convenient access to world-class art every two weeks.

    Co-founded by entrepreneurs (or we can say “art visionaries”) Clara Andrade Pereira, Director of Pablo’s Birthday Gallery in the Lower East Side, Manhattan and Head of VIP Relations for Untitled Art Fair, and Blanca Pascual Baztán, an independent Art Consultant at 9Muses Art, an art advising company in New York – La Pera Projects’ new approach democratizes the industry and make collecting simple and easy.

    Launched during Covid-19 in June 2020, La Pera Projects – based on the Spanish word for “pear” – was created as an alternative to purchasing through galleries and auction houses for first-time art collectors. Through their complementary dual expertise, Andrade and Pascual curate a selection of powerful gallery-level artwork priced under $600. Membership is free and provides access to an exclusive Collectors Circle via WhatsApp or their website. There are no fees or costs incurred and members receive a curated list of artwork every fortnight directly to their preferred digital platform. While La Pera Projects continuously update their list of high-quality art, additional pieces by previously featured artists are available upon request. The platform is accessible in both English and Spanish and is the first of its’ kind available in both languages.

    Since its inception, the Collectors Circle has had a worldwide reach of several thousands of members through word-of-mouth from five continents and 25 different countries. The platform has featured artists who vary in technique and theme, such as Spanish-born abstract artist Leticia Sampedro, to the watercolor beauty of the British oil painter Ben Walker. Hot new photography artists, such as Alice Quaresma, who was selected as a creative for Hermès for their “Carte Blanche” Spring/Summer 2018 Collection and Nelson Morales, February’s acclaimed artist, who has been profiled in The New York Times and Vogue Italia present a diverse artist portfolio and stunning body of work. With this unique approach, La Pera Projects creates a dynamic community of art lovers who can share and learn through a digital lens while bringing contemporary art into the future.

    La Pera Projects will exclusively partner with NeueHouse Madison Square to launch its first Arts Program called “Transitions” from March 20th – April 16th with the aim to support and showcase international emergent talent from NYC. The one-month artists’ residency will culminate with a three-week exhibition of the works created at the studios provided by NeueHouse. Framed under the idea of transition, the curatorial theme is an attempt to materialize and reflect the current times we live in from the angle of the infinite possibilities brought by creativity.

    Alongside the work of guest curator Edoardo Cozzani (Italy), La Pera Projects will present artists Kyoko Hamaguchi (Japan), Jean Oh (USA), and Johanna Strobel (Germany), all in a joint conversation revolving around the concept of transition through the lens of creativity. The works presented by the four participants deliberate on the idea of time and adaptability to the new—the constant flux of reshaping personal and collective ideas that occur in the name of progress.

    “Our mission is to inculcate a passion for collecting contemporary art, making it a fun and enriching experience. Through digital platforms, we are able to build intimate relationships with members in a personal and highly curated way. We want to inspire a new generation to collect contemporary art while allowing first time collectors the opportunity to have VIP access to new artwork from their homes anywhere around the world” said the two co-founders.. “We want to democratize art, so anyone is able to become a collector and we want to grow a global community of art lovers, who speak the universal language of art”.

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    • Adam
      March 25, 2023

      Nice option and directions, I like the way it looks. Now I often read about new directions on the site in particular about street artists that I like lately

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