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    4 Ways To Fix A Fading Friendship

    4 Ways To Fix A Fading Friendship

    Friendships, just like romantic relationships, need a lot of nurturing to help them through the different phases of life.

    It’s common to find friends drifting apart, but salvage the relationship when you still have time if it means a lot to you.

    A lot can cause friends to drift apart, and the first thing to do is understand why you’re no longer close. Here are ways to fix a friendship that’s drifting apart.

    Spend More Time Together

    Time spent with friends is usually the best because you’re free to do whatever makes the two of you happy, even when it means being cheeky. Let your friend also suggest activities and make sure to accommodate both your busy schedules when making plans.

    Plan a Gaming Night

    When you’re both busy, a night together playing indoor games such as cards can be an excellent idea. You’ll have the entire day to take care of responsibilities, then meet in the evening either at your house or your friend’s for a night of fun and bonding. Playing cards while sipping your favorite drinks can help you unwind and reconnect. Don’t forget to get a pair of infrared contact lenses to make the experience even more fun for both of you.

    If your friend recently had a baby, they probably don’t have as much outdoor time as they did before. Showing up at their house in the evening is a meaningful gesture. You’ll spend more quality time together without the distractions of kids, strengthening the bond.

    Understand that friendships should go beyond good times. Be there for each other through all seasons of life.

    Be a Listening Partner

    A friendship based on trust and the willingness to listen and care for one another will last for many years. It’s reassuring when you have a caring friend who is always looking out for you. Do you offer your friend a shoulder to lean on and give them all the attention they need when you’re together?

    Sometimes, all your friend needs is someone to listen to what they’re saying. Do you pay undivided attention to your friend, or you’re always on your phone or distracted by other things when you’re together? This can lead to misunderstandings and adrift. However, good communication can resolve such issues. Besides listening, understand that whatever your friend shares with you is confidential, meaning that you cannot share it with other people without permission. Spreading gossip can quickly ruin your friendship. Your friend might never trust you again even after you mend the friendship.

    Understand The Reasons

    As mentioned earlier, a lot can cause a friendship to drift apart, and sometimes it has nothing to do with the two of you. A new baby, divorce, health issues, money problems, or even getting too busy at work and home can cause stress that might affect your friendship. The best way to deal with this is to call your friend or look for them.

    Understand what is happening in their life. Sometimes a conflict or resentment can cause a rift. You cannot go beyond the negative feelings without resolving the issue. If you have both done things that hurt each other apologize and aim to work on your friendship, restoring the love you had before.

    Also, decide not to hold grudges but openly talk about issues. As you will realize, you cannot always have the same perspective. Accommodate each other’s diversity, respect, and take care of each other at all times.

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