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    Latest In Coffee Trends: What Coffee Makers Are the Most Popular

    Latest In Coffee Trends: What Coffee Makers Are the Most Popular

    For most of us, that first cup of coffee is what gets us up in the morning.

    To say that our coffee makers are important to us would be a massive understatement.

    There are always changes in the coffee industry so it is crucial that coffee consumers keep an eye on the trends. In this case, they should keep an eye on the developments happening to coffee makers.

    Having a good coffee maker on your kitchen counter will not only save you money but it will also give you the chance to brew the finest coffee possible.

    The following are the most popular coffee makers as of this year:

    Bonavita Connoisseur

    The Bonavita Connoisseur is such a great drip coffee maker, it might be the last one you ever own. It has a very compact design which means that it takes up very little space on your kitchen counter and it is quite inconspicuous. The Bonavita Connoisseur also produces some of the finest tasting coffee you will ever drink. It uses a pre infusion process which wets the coffee grounds for a few minutes before brewing them.

    The coffee is extracted evenly which produces a more consistent brew and an excellent cup of coffee. It can make eight cups in one turn and keep it hot for hours making a great coffee maker for a family.

    Cuisinart DCC-3200

    The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is one of the best programmable coffee makers in the world today. Moreover, it is very well priced especially considering its features.

    It has two filters; a water filter and a pure tone gold filter make sure that the coffee you pour is always clean. A unique feature of the Cuisinart DCC-3200 is that you can pause it mid-brew and pour yourself a cup when you have to go. The coffee maker has 24-hour programming meaning that you can always have a cup of coffee ready whenever you need it. It has an incredible capacity and can make up to 14 cups of coffee in one go.

    You can also improve the brew strength of the coffee to be as rich or watery as you desire. It is also self-cleaning which makes your coffee making job twice as easy.

    Mr. Coffee All in One Occasions

    Mr. Coffee Occasions coffee maker is the perfect multiple coffee maker. Despite it being quite compact, it still offers the ability to make coffee and espressos.

    The coffee maker has a ten-cup carafe for making traditional coffee. It is certainly much better than any dual coffee maker you will find on the market today. You can also make two shots of espresso using the machine.

    It has a 15-bar pump that you can utilize to measure the strength of an espresso.  Mr. Coffee Occasions coffee maker has a built-in milk frother that can allow you to make lattes as well. The coffee has very useful smart technology settings built into it with automatic switching capability. The Mr. Coffee All In One Occasions coffee maker will do just about anything you want a coffee maker to do.

    Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew

    Mr. Coffee produces many coffee makers and their Optimal Brew machine might just be the best of them all. It is certainly one of the best coffee pots in existence today.

    For starters, there are few coffee makers that offer as much consistency or efficiency as this machine. It achieves both with unbelievable ease. It has a stainless-steel thermal carafe that keeps your coffee hotter and for longer than most coffee pots. The coffee pot is also vacuum insulated meaning that it does not need to be connected to the coffee maker to keep your coffee hot.

    It has a removable water reservoir that makes refilling the coffee maker very easy. Moreover, the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew coffee machine has a water filter built into it that can filter out the chlorine in the water making the coffee purity and taste very strong. The machine is also programmable to a degree. You can set it to brew some coffee at a specific time and you can choose between normal or bold-brew cycles.

    You will not find a higher quality coffee maker with such features at the price of the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew machine.

    Choosing a coffee maker involves considering many factors. You should consider the factors most applicable to you so as to find the best one. However, the coffee makers listed above will serve any coffee drinker well.

    Mr. Coffee, Bonavita, and Cuisinart all make incredible coffee makers. You should choose a coffee maker that not only gives you a strong brew but also great tasting coffee.

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    • Akshita Sharma
      May 10, 2021

      Wonderful coffee makers. There are so many suggestions for buying.

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