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    3 Influencers Who Promote Acts of Kindness Through Their Work

    3 Influencers Who Promote Acts of Kindness Through Their Work

    In honor of the International Day of Charity, we’re highlighting some amazing influencers and their efforts to promote acts of kindness and charity.

    From app designers to artists, these influencers have used their platforms to raise awareness and encourage their audience to give back to certain underprivileged communities.

    Here is our list of 3 influencers who promote acts of kindness through their work:

    1. Amin Shaykho

    Amin Shaykho is the founder of Kadama, a Gen-Z learning app that has impacted millions of students. Students use the app for urgent school help with fun events, rewards, and community.

    As a Syrian American, he is very involved with the refugee community. In his TEDx talk, he speaks about his endeavor to make education accessible and provide work opportunities to those in need. Kadama’s impact on students all over the world is the very beginning of what he wishes to achieve.

    “I started working on Kadama during college and went full-time during the COVID-19 pandemic, as an outcome of massive growth due to the huge shift in student learning patterns. We filled a huge need and within months of our October 2020 release, raised a $1.7M seed round.”

    “The passion my team has as first-generation Gen-Z founders not only fuels our motivation of helping others but allows us to directly resonate with our users. We’ve created a social learning app where students come for urgent school help, but stay on for the fun events, community, rewards, and other things Gen-Z love.”

    “I’ve had many low moments, but stories of how Kadama helps students make it all worth it.”

    To learn more about Amin’s journey, click HERE.

    2. Carolina Gómez

    Born in 1974, Colombian artist Carolina Gomez has had a recurrent dialogue between her training as a jeweler and her passion for being an artist. The result of this interplay is seen prominently throughout her work today, in such elements as her use of color, glare, reflection, and the composition of gemstones that are so intertwined with her personal history.

    Carolina’s work has become known for the powerful questions they pose about the female identity and society’s views towards women. The faces of these women are hidden behind precious gems representing feminism, wisdom, trust, and enthusiasm.

    In 2018, Gomez collaborated with artTECA to design The ‘Athena Capsule Collection.’ The collection celebrates women around the world who are fighting for gender equality, women’s rights, and women’s empowerment. The company donated a percentage of sales from every jacket sold to support the Lotus House Women’s Shelter in Miami, which focuses on uplifting women, youth, and children experiencing homelessness in our community.

    To learn more about this collaboration, click HERE.

    3. Tyler Loftis

    Tyler has built a successful career as an artist in New York City through his meticulous style of painting that focuses on the spatial relationships between objects in his works. Knowing firsthand the hurdles to making it as an artist, Tyler devotes much of his time to creating a lane to success for struggling and emerging artists, young and old.

    In November of 2018, Tyler hosted Portraits for Purpose. It was a new iteration of Tyler’s mission to raise the profile of art and artists, leveraging the influence of public icons to draw attention to the functionality and presence of visual arts in American culture while donating 100% of the proceeds to organizations doing impactful work around the world.

    “Through Portraits For Purpose, I’ve had the opportunity to use my art as a means to give back and bring fine arts to the forefront of people’s minds,” said Tyler Loftis.

    The aim of the inaugural Portraits For Purpose was two-fold: first, to raise money for nine incredible charitable organizations working on issues ranging from homelessness to youth development to animal protection like; and second, to raise awareness for modern painting, an art form often overlooked and all but forgotten in 21st century American culture.

    To learn more about the event and how much money it raised, click HERE.

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