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    4 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The British Royal Family

    4 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The British Royal Family

    For hundreds of years, the British Royal Family have always been a source of wonder and admiration from people all around the globe.

    From their highly publicized lives and glamourous wardrobe stylings to their lavish stately homes and travel schedules, it can be challenging to picture any member of the Royal Family completing ‘ordinary’ tasks due to their status, which probably adds to the intrigue.

    However, as the upcoming date for King Charles III’s coronation on the 6th of May draws closer, it has become apparent that even though the Royal Family is steeped in tradition and regulations, each member is also full of surprises. Due to this, many fun facts and stories about the Royal Family remain mainly unknown to the British public (and the rest of the world!).

    Considering the upcoming crowning of the next monarch King Charles III, we divulge some fun facts about the British Royal Family that you probably didn’t know. From shedding light on several of the late Queen’s favorite overseas destinations and insights into the royal’s diet, continue reading to learn more about the lesser-known aspects of this iconic family.

    Queen Elizabeth II Was The Most Mobile Monarch In History

    Although her royal visits were predominantly focused on countries in the Commonwealth, King Charles III’s late mother was estimated to have visited at least one hundred and seventeen countries during her seventy-year reign, making her the most-traveled monarch in British history. And while King Charles III will also be expected to take his royal duties further afield after his coronation, never before have we known which countries he and his late mother enjoyed visiting the most.

    But now, using official tour data from the Royal Family, Audley Travel’s specialists have been able to analyze which countries Queen Elizabeth II frequented the most during her lifetime, with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand topping the list.

    Wearing the crown as the late Queen’s most-visited country, Canada welcomed the Queen twenty-two times across all provinces. King Charles almost beats his mother’s record with eighteen visits to Canada, with rumors of embarking on another Canada Tour after his coronation. Although official duties might be the main reason for King Charles III’s and his mother’s frequent returns to Canada, Audley’s Canada specialist Joseph Saunders speculates that Canada’s striking natural beauty and the melting pot of cultures prompted the royal’s continued visits.

    All Family Members Have To Follow A Strict Diet

    Although very few of us can claim to have much in common with the British Royal Family, there is one thing that we’re all predisposed to do regardless of our status, and that is eat. As you can imagine, the Royal Family have access to some of the finest cuisine worldwide at the hands of their personal chefs; several food items will rarely (and even never!) feature on the weekly menu.

    From garlic and foie gras to rare meat and crusty sandwiches, some exclusions from the royals’ diet might seem straightforward, whereas others are downright strange, for example, shellfish. With lobster, crab, and oysters often featured on most high-class menus, excluding shellfish from the royal diet might seem strange when it often goes hand-in-hand with public figures, fine dining etc.

    However, the reasoning behind this exclusion is more straightforward than expected. Most of the Royal Family refrain from putting shellfish on their plate as a preventative measure to ensure that nobody comes down with a bad case of food poisoning, primarily as shellfish is known to carry a very high risk, which could reap havoc on their hectic schedules.

    The Queen Only Wore One Shade Of Nail Polish

    Nothing strikes fear into our hearts more than hearing, “Pick a color,’ when sitting in a nail salon. With so many bottles of nail polish lining the salon’s walls, it almost felt like an impossible choice; however, this was one that the late Queen Elizabeth II never had to make since she only wore one shade for most of her life.

    Named ‘Ballet Slippers’, this nail polish from Essie was reportedly the only color the Queen would allow to touch her fingertips for thirty years. It is a perfect, versatile color that will work perfectly with any outfit (perhaps why the late Queen enjoyed wearing it so much!).

    No Family Members Are Permitted To Give Autographs

    If you are excited about the royal family, you might dream of getting your hands on an autograph from a member of the Royal Family. However, the odds are improbable since no family member is permitted to sign autographs, and the reason for this goes far beyond etiquette. While you’re likely to see family members stop and talk to the public, you’ve probably never seen them sign an autograph or stop for photographs with fans. However, the latter rule is occasionally broken.

    This ruling is because none of the royal families’ signatures could be forged with malicious intent. While the royal family would love to believe that everyone attending events is a fan, some might be in disguise, hoping to commit identity theft – or worse!

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