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    Difference Between Eating And Smoking Cannabis According To Science

    Difference Between Eating And Smoking Cannabis According To Science

    Cannabis edibles are taking the world by storm as authorities continue to less stringent regulation.

    Even as edibles continue to take over, cannabis flower consumption continues to tick higher as well. While both cannabis edibles and flowers come from the same plant and are both available on sites like mygreensolution, they always seem to be different. This is seen as one of the reasons why some people always seem to enjoy a healthy mix of the two.

    While the older generation tends to prefer cannabis edibles, the younger generation remains fixated on smoking cannabis joints. With the growth of the cannabis industry, some businesses, like Cannvi, can deliver different kinds of marijuana to your door so accessibility amongst both young and old generations.

    Check out some of the main differences between these two options that continue to fuel one of the biggest industries in the world.

    Rate of THC Absorption

    Cannabis edibles and smoked or vaporized cannabis differ on how THC levels in the two products get absorbed in the body. Cannabis edibles and smoked cannabis undergo different metabolism in the body. When consumed in an ingestible form, cannabis gets metabolized by the liver, which converts it to 11-hydroxy THC. The compound is effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier; thus, the more intense high associated with cannabis edibles – it is however, possible to produce highly concentrated cannabis resin using a rosin press to extract the plants essential oils and cannabinoids. This could result in a greater high due to it’s high level of concentration – which can be used in either smoking / vaping or cooking.

    Inhaled THC, on the other hand, undergoes a different metabolism. Instead of passing the stomach and into the liver for metabolism, vaporized or smoked cannabis goes straight into the bloodstream. But being an insoluble oil compound, THC does not break down well in the blood to trigger wild effects, as is the case with edibles. For this reason, the effects of vaporized or smoked cannabis manifest themselves faster and diminish quickly as well.

    For this reason, dosage and experience are paramount when consuming cannabis edibles if one is to have desirable body effects after some time. Conveniently, companies like Emjay have now started shipping cannabis products (including edibles) directly to consumers, making it easier than ever to buy first-rate cannabis from the comfort of your own home.

    Effects and Duration

    The way cannabis edibles are metabolized is one of the reasons why it usually takes much longer for their effects to manifest themselves. In some instances, it can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours before someone starts to feel the effects of ingested cannabis.

    Similarly, as the effects take longer to kick in, once they kick in, they result in stronger body effects. Consequently, edibles deliver a smaller concentration of cannabinoids into the bloodstream spread over a long period.

    The fact that smoked cannabis goes straight to the brain is one of the reasons why body effects start to kick in immediately.  Likewise, inhaled cannabis tends to introduce high levels of marijuana between 50 to 60%, which may kick in within the first ten minutes.

    Dosing Difficult

    It is extremely difficult to ascertain the accurate amount of THC levels when dealing with homemade cannabis edibles. For this reason, it becomes impossible to predict or control the effects that might come into being upon ingestion. Consequently, it is common to find consumers overestimating the dose, which results in unexpected effects.

    The instantaneous effects that come with inhaled cannabis, on the other hand, makes it easier to regulate dosing levels. Ten milligrams of THC are sufficient to deliver mild effects. Likewise, some edibles come with 100mg worth THC levels, which, if consumed at a go, can trigger severe reactions after some time.

    It is important to note that an overdose on cannabis edibles is not the same as that of smoked or vaporized cannabis. While inhaled cannabis can cause one to nap for up to half an hour, for things to come back to normal, cannabis edibles effects tend to last for long periods, especially when dealing with overdose levels.

    Potency Levels Disparity

    THC potency disparities are a big problem when dealing with cannabis edibles as opposed to inhaled cannabis. In unregulated markets, there are no regulations that ensure the right amount of THC levels go into edibles. Consequently, it is possible to ingest an edible only to have different experiences or reactions to consuming the same product later.  It is for this reason that legal cannabis systems are increasingly moving towards stricter regulations when it comes to edibles testing and THC content maximums.

    In contrast, people who consume smoked or vaporized cannabis have nothing to worry about as it is possible to regulate the amount of THC in the body based on the number of joints consumed as well as the near-immediate effects that come into play.

    Conversely, when dealing with inhaled cannabis, it is easier to administer and control levels as negative effects tend to kick in almost immediately. Cannabis edibles, on the other hand, are difficult to manage as their effects tend to kick in after a long time after ingestion

    Health Benefits

    Smoked/vaporized cannabis differ from cannabis edibles based on their impact on the overall health of the person consuming them. Many people are increasingly turning to cannabis edibles to escape the harsh experience of smoking. Plus, it’s convenient to buy edibles online since there are more selections and flavours to try out.

    It is no secret that edibles can provide long-lasting relief to chronic symptoms like pain, making them a preferred option for patients. In contrast, cannabis smoking is mostly associated with recreational activities and can lead to adverse effects when overused.


    There is a great difference between cannabis edibles and inhaled consumers. Conversely, prior to using any of the two options, users should have a clear understanding given the varying effects that comes with their use. It is also important to note that the effects of inhaled cannabis manifest much faster as compared to ingested cannabis.

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