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    Manifest The Life You Want: 10 Lessons For Women

    Manifest The Life You Want: 10 Lessons For Women

    As more women succeed, it paves the way for even more to succeed.

    As more women from all walks of life manifest the lives they dream of, the world becomes a better place. According to Elisa A. Schmitz, there are ten comprehensive lessons that will teach you to manifest the life you want, no matter your circumstances. Elisa A. Schmitz is an award-winning Latina entrepreneur, author, and founder of, an inspiring digital media platform that makes the world a happier, healthier, and more delicious place — 30 seconds at a time.

    Elisa shares them in her new book, “Become the Fire: Transform Life’s Chaos into Business and Personal Success.” Along with spotlighting the stories of 10 women, Schmitz details her journey of how she sold her first business, iParenting, to Disney, started her current venture, and how other “outsiders” can achieve life-changing success.

    “As these women revealed their secrets to me, similar themes kept emerging. It became clear that these women shared many of the same skills, honed through years of becoming the fire. I analyzed their revelations and formulated mindset shifts and skills that I then integrated with my own experience,” says Schmitz

    10 Lessons From Women To Manifest the Life You Want, No Matter Your Circumstances

    1. Be Visionary: Situational Awareness
    2. Be Your Authentic Self: Self-Awareness
    3. Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable: Self-Confidence
    4. Be Courageous: Motivation
    5. Be Friends With Failure: Resilience
    6. Be a Maker: Creativity
    7. Be Viable: Capability
    8. Be Gritty: Perseverance
    9. Be the Inspiration: Leadership
    10. Be the Best: Dedication

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