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    Tetley’s Award-Winning Line of Super Teas

    Tetley’s Award-Winning Line of Super Teas

    Infused with vitamins like vitamin C, B6, and B7 Tetley’s award-winning line helps promote a balanced lifestyle.

    The Tetley Super Teas line includes items infused with vitamins like vitamin C, B6, and B7 to help promote a balanced lifestyle. Tetley Super Tea varieties with vitamins provide drinkers with 20 percent of the recommended daily intake.

    “We are extremely honored to be recognized by Product of the Year USA,” states Marc Birnbaum, Marketing Executive for Tetley USA. “Our master tea blenders have differentiated the Super Teas line by responding to consumer demand for products that help support health and well-being. It’s gratifying to be awarded for our commitment to delivering products that provide unique value and taste.”

    Tetley’s Super Teas are available in six varieties to help superpower everyday tea drinking:

    Green Tea – Immunity:

    Smooth green tea cleverly combined with lemon, vitamin C, and honey that supports the normal function of the immune system

    Herbal Tea – Immunity:

    A lovely peach and orange infusion expertly blended with vitamin C that helps support your immune system

    Green Tea – Metabolism:

    Tropical green tea tastefully fused with mixed mango, pineapple and vitamin B6 that helps support normal energy yielding metabolism

    Herbal Tea – Metabolism:

    A delicious blueberry and raspberry infusion skillfully combined with vitamin B6 that helps support normal energy yielding metabolism

    Herbal Tea – Glow:

    A delightful pineapple and citrus refreshing tea gently infused with vitamin B7 to help maintain normal skin and hair growth

    Black Tea – Focus:

    Smooth black tea expertly blended with sweet vanilla and a boost of added caffeine equivalent to the contents of one cup of coffee that helps increase alertness and concentration

    Tetley has been known as an industry leader in creating a variety of delicious teas since it began producing tea over 170 years ago. Tetley is now part of Tata Global Beverages, which also includes award-winning Eight O’Clock Coffee and Good Earth Tea. Tetley has a long-standing relationship with the Ethical Tea Partnership – an organization that drives change and helps create a thriving global tea sector that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

    All Tetley branded tea, including flavored decaffeinated varieties, will also be part of the Rainforest Alliance certification program, which is scheduled for completion by 2016. Tetley Super Teas are available for purchase nationwide at select major retailers, as well as online at

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