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    3 Tips To Make Meat Healthy

    3 Tips To Make Meat Healthy

    Over the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in veganism.

    More and more people are swearing off animal products for good – and there are numerous reasons for this.

    Some do it for ethical reasons, though there are growing numbers of individuals that do it for their health.

    You see, we’ve been led to believe that meat isn’t that good for us. This is largely because a lot of the meat we consume is processed or treated in some way. Things like bacon or beef burgers are full of fat and typically unhealthy. In reality, meat isn’t necessarily “unhealthy.” It’s not so much that meat is bad for us, but rather the way we consume it is bad.

    Keeping that in mind, here are three tips to make meat healthy.

    Get it as close to the source as possible

    A big issue in the meat industry is that animals are slaughtered and then sent through all sorts of processes before they make it to your local grocery store. Even things like chicken breasts – which are relatively healthy – can be treated with all kinds of things to preserve them and keep them fresh.

    Instead, it’s good to get the meat as close to its source as you can. As shown on sites like, it’s possible to equip yourself with hunting gear and find your own meat. This would certainly ensure it’s as fresh and natural as possible. The other – probably more realistic – idea is to buy meat directly from farms. It’s fresh, healthy, and usually a lot tastier too.

    Avoid processed meats

    Processed meats are those that have gone through a big transformation from farm to plate. Bacon is a good example of this; it has been processed many times to make it edible. Processed meats are bad for you – as explained in numerous studies that show a link between them and an increased risk of diseases, like cancer and diabetes.

    If you are going to eat meat, pick things that haven’t been processed. Instead of bacon, sausages or hot dogs, opt for chicken, beef steak or pork chops.

    Eat meat in moderation

    Perhaps the biggest health problem associated with meat consumption is that too much of it can be bad for you. If you eat meat every single day, you’re probably eating too much meat. Cut down and eat it in moderation – make half your meals meat-filled and the other half meat-free every week. This is the best way to get a balanced diet. You receive the benefits of veganism during meat-free meals, but without some of the downsides. Likewise, your meat meals provide nutritional benefits you don’t see in vegan foods, but without the negatives because you’re eating in moderation.

    Funnily enough, cutting out processed meats makes it easier to reduce your meat intake. If you only eat “natural” meats, it’s easier to rotate them every week and add in some meat-free meals. Overall, meat isn’t bad for you – as long as you eat it in moderation, avoid the processed stuff, and get it as close to the source as you can. This will help you follow a much healthier and more balanced diet.

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    3 Tips To Make Meat …

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