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    4 Tips For Making Better Chicken At Home

    4 Tips For Making Better Chicken At Home

    Are you a lover of all things chicken? There are few ingredients that have as diverse a range of options and ways to cook them.

    This is why it’s such a shame when people opt for the same, dry ways of cooking it that can suck out all of the flavors. Even if you’re using the whitest parts of the meat, there are ways to make chicken much better in your home.

    Here are a few recipe upgrades that it might be time to incorporate.

    Don’t get roasted for your roast

    When you have the family or some friends around the dinner table, then a good roasted chicken can be the perfect thing to serve as the core of a delicious filling meal. However, if you don’t take enough care, it’s easy to end up with some rather tasteless white meat sections. This roasted chicken recipe makes use of yellow onion, garlic, lemon, Provence, and more to make sure that you lock plenty of flavor into all parts of the chicken. You’re going to find people fighting over who gets those thighs if you’re not careful.

    Competing with the Colonel

    Fried chicken is one of the best feel-good meals there is around. It’s not too difficult to whip up some breadcrumbs and seasoning to get the crunchy, juicy texture, but you might feel like yours is a little lacking in flavor compared to the Colonel’s recipe. Rather than trying to rip them off, however, you can add flavor in a different way such as with the classic hat Yai fried chicken. The change in seasonings and the addition of fried scallops can be the perfect thing for scratching that itch.

    Wings good enough to make you fly

    Whether you’re sitting down to watch a movie or you want the perfect platter of food to serve out in the garden, there’s nothing like a good set of wings. However, people who only know how to make spicy wings are, simply put, missing out. If you want to try a different taste sensation, then try some miso garlic chicken wings, instead. There’s tons of flavor locked into them and, what’s more, the sauce is just sticky enough so that it doesn’t get everywhere when you’re eating, as well.

    Dry breasts begone

    The chicken breast is a popular piece because it’s the healthiest bit of the chicken, with plenty of protein but not as much fat and grease as the darker parts of the meal. However, it’s very easy to make it dry, especially if you’re making it in the oven. These juicy oven chicken breast tips can help you make sure that you keep as much flavor and hydration locked into the bird as possible. Perfect for dicing up into a salad or serving with rice and a little seasoning after the fact.

    Chicken is so delicious when it’s done right that it’s a food that you should always take care to cook with the best tools as your disposal. Hopefully, the tips above help you do that.

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