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    8 Foods To Eat When You’re Stressed

    8 Foods To Eat When You’re Stressed

    Stress can become such a huge part of every person’s life. It can come to us in the form of a problem at work, a huge hit on our finances, and the worry over the well-being of a loved one.

    It can be humanity’s kryptonite, it can weigh our lives down so heavily and stress can be the ultimate tool that breaks up a marriage, causes the downfall of our livelihoods, and can have such a severe and negative impact on our health.

    Stress Can Be Our Downfall!

    There is no escaping it! All of us, more than once in our lives will suffer the monster known to us as stress. It can feel like we are drowning, unable to come up for that breath of air, to provide us with that release. It can cause our lives to spiral out of control, giving us that harrowing and miserable feeling that there is no light at the end of that long, dark tunnel and it can be so difficult to cope with reality.

    In these dark and gloomy times, we can feel so isolated and completely alone, feeling unable to turn to others in the time of crisis. Some of us may seek solace in others such as the support of family, offloading our burdens onto a supporting counselor, or even go down the road of procuring medication from a GP. However, were you aware that many foods are evident in reducing the horrific symptoms of stress and by making some subtle changes to your diet or adopting a vegan lifestyle, you may be able to alleviate that depressing black cloud that hovers over you? It’s true, food can be the natural way for you to conquer your war with stress! Here are 8 foods you can eat when your stress levels are soaring through the roof!


    One of the most enjoyed foods around the world to satisfy our pallets is fish. We are a nation of sea life lovers and fish can help you fight off stress! It can also aid in preventing serious illnesses such as heart disease. So by getting a regular intake you are killing two birds with one stone, improving on mental health, and also fighting off future health issues.

    Fatty fish in particular is packed full of omega-3s which are evident in combatting symptoms of depression. The nutrients found in fatty fish interact with mood-related molecules within the brain, alleviating symptoms of stress.

    Herbal Tea

    More than often particular foods and beverages can have an effect on the way we feel. We all know that a warm and soothing drink can work wonders in elevating our mood. Drinks infused with herbs are known to incite feelings of relaxation and promote calmness within our minds and bodies. Teas that possess certain herbs including chamomile and lavender are known to have calming effects, providing you with a much-needed tranquil feeling.

    Whole Grains

    Research has suggested that carbohydrates increase the level of serotonin within our brains, this chemical is especially known to decrease symptoms of stress and give us a boost in mood. When the serotonin in the brain is elevated, it results in those who suffer from stress gaining much better focus and concentration. Unrefined carbohydrates including wholegrain products possess these magnificent stress-busting qualities. So on your next shop, stock up on the whole grains!

    Dark Chocolate

    Now let’s face it we all love to indulge in a little chocolate now and again! Chocolate is the way we can treat ourselves after a long, hard day! Dark chocolate is a great way to treat yourself whilst also providing your body with a stress reliever. It is full of antioxidants that are thought to reduce stress by lessening the stress level hormones present within the body, leaving not only your taste buds satisfied but your mental state of mind too!

    Warm Milk

    Making yourself a cup of warm milk at bedtime can be the perfect elixir to achieving a wonderful night’s sleep. Warm milk has the power to induce feelings of relaxation throughout the whole body and on the mind. Gaining a peaceful night of rest is crucial in maintaining a positive mood and calcium also contributes as it is thought to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.


    Finding a way to support healthy gut health is a critical part of battling stress. Bad gut health has been linked to suffering extreme symptoms of anxiety and unstable moods. By introducing your body to probiotics you can tackle the health of your gut and relieve symptoms of stress all in one go. Probiotics can be consumed in supplement forms and can be found in many foods. 

    Citrus Fruits

    Vitamin C is known to possess the element of easing levels of stress. Introducing fruit to your diet containing a high volume of vitamin C really could help you to conquer those uncontrollable symptoms of stress. Fruits such as oranges and strawberries are a great way in getting that influx of this essential vitamin inside your body.


    Nuts are jam-packed full of essential nutrients and contain healthy fatty acids. Nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, and almonds are all said to aid in lowering the levels of your blood pressure. Therefore, decreasing those unpleasant symptoms of anxiety and stress.

    So guys, next time you are having a pretty rough and challenging time, keep in mind that foods do exist that contain those magical qualities to help you in reducing those levels of anxiety. By introducing these particular ingredients to your diet, you may be able to conquer the monster of stress before it becomes out of control!

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