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    Lil Miss Foodie Has Passion and Appetite

    Lil Miss Foodie Has Passion and Appetite

    Kim Ly Curry has earned the moniker Lil Miss Foodie by effortlessly capturing the Minnesota food scene.

    Always having twin passions of capturing visuals of things she considers beautiful with her camera and love of great food. Eventually, these passions combined when the ease of use and mobility of digital cameras and phones became one. In fact, her passion and appetite for both quality photos and food has only grown since she became involved in social media.

    AC Hotel Minneapolis

    We had a chance to interview her about the journey and of course her favorite dishes.

    So what are some of your cooking inspirations?

    I can engage with almost all types and varieties and chefs, cuisine and cooking styles. I consider them fellow artists and truly respect their craft, whether it’s burgers, pizza, or foie gras and truffles made in the finest Michelin-rated restaurant. They are all inspiring to me.

    What would be your dream destination regarding food?

    That would be a three-way tie between Maui, LA, and NYC. Although, I’ve been able to satiate my appetite quite well here in Minneapolis with the fabulous chefs and variety we have homegrown here. For instance, I’ve yet to find comparable (or better) Vietnamese in any other city other than Minneapolis.

    Tori Ramen

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?

    There are about two dozen fellow foodies, photographers, and craftspersons, for lack of a better term, (be it bakers, bartenders, or breweries) that I consider inspiring, because of their quality and consistency. I also find food writers inspiring such as Mecca Bos and Sue Zelickson both of whom I read consistently before becoming a foodie on Instagram.

    What is your favorite cuisine?

    An impossible question to answer as a foodie. It changes from moment to moment and often conflicting tastes and desires result in me getting a hodge-podge of them all if the feeling strikes.

    Restaurant Alma Red Cow

    Cafe Astoria 


    Davanni’s Pizza & Hot Hoagies

    Could you tell the audience more about your experience with branding?

    When I chose Kim Ly Curry as my handle with the tag-line Lil Miss Foodie, I wasn’t thinking either would become a brand. Fortunately, that paid off for me because they both tie into food because Curry is my real last name. My experiencing with branding was broadened this past year when I toured Huy Fong Foods, the home of the world famous Sriracha Chili Sauce. The creator David Tran allows anyone to use his rooster or sriracha design on any merchandise on virtually anything (within reason) as long it’s tasteful and charges nothing for licensing. He feels it’s all good business and exposure and I agree with that.

    What’s your biggest failure ever in the kitchen?

    I can’t bake desserts to save my life. Not even prepackaged cookie dough…but I can still eat the cookie dough.

    Milkjam Creamery 

    “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi.

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    • Alex Lodner
      April 28, 2017

      Photos are stunning. I only wish Fox would have credited the restaurants, since Kim Ly Curry makes me want all those dishes.

    • The Fox Magazine
      May 3, 2017

      The locations are there Alex, thanks for reading The Fox Magazine!

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