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    What Goes Into The Perfect Steak

    What Goes Into The Perfect Steak

    Everyone loves a steak, but there can be a lot of difficulties when it comes to actually cook the ideal steak.

    That is something that many people would like to know how to do, and it might be easier than you think as long as you are aware of a few of the essentials.

    In this article, we are going to discuss what exactly goes into the perfect steak, so you can hopefully recreate it yourself. All of the following factors are necessary to be aware of in one sense or another.

    Good Quality Meat

    One of the most important things of all is the quality of the meat. As long as you have sourced prime beef, that is going to help make the steak so much more delicious and amazing. It’s something that you are going to need to spend time on in order to find the ideal meat. You might try out a few different butchers or even go further afield to find it. Once you have it, stick with it, and learn how to cook that specific steak as well as you can. If you’re using the kind of meat Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse would use, it’s more likely that you’ll end up with a perfect steak.

    Proper Seasoning

    A lot of people struggle with seasoning their steak, but it is not actually too much of a mystery. The basic rule is that you’ll probably need a lot more salt and pepper than you assume. Why? Because as the steak cooks in the hot pan, a good quantity of the seasoning simply melts away into the fat. You can spoon it back on top, but even so, you’re going to need to counteract this as best as you can. So load the steaks up with seasoning on both sides to help ensure a more delicious result.

    The Secret Of Cooking Times

    It’s usually the actual cooking time that people struggle with, but most people make it more complex than it really needs to be. The trick is not to cook steaks for a specific amount of time – because there are all sorts of factors that vary quite widely, so you can never know – but to learn how to recognize a cooked steak. There are different feelings about meat based on whether it’s rare, medium, or well-done, and the only way to learn them is through practice. So the more steaks you cook, the better you’ll get at it.

    The Resting Period

    Non-chefs often wonder about resting meat, and whether it really makes a difference. It really does. When you rest the meat, it allows the juices to be retained more inside the steak itself. At the same time, proteins in the meat become more entwined together. These two things combined mean that you have a lot more flavor in each and every mouthful. So be sure to rest your steaks for around five minutes, somewhere warm but not so warm that they continue cooking. That is ideal.

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