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    7 Mouth-Watering Dishes To Serve At Your Next Holiday Party

    7 Mouth-Watering Dishes To Serve At Your Next Holiday Party

    Not sure what to cook for your next holiday gathering? We have you covered.

    The holidays are just around the corner with December flying by. Soon, you’ll be receiving tons of invites to get-togethers and maybe hosting some of your own. Before the panic of “what do I make” sets in, we’ve compiled a list of dishes for you to provide.

    Here are 7 dishes to “wow” your friends and family during the holidays:

    1. Sweet Potatoes Sheppard Pie

    This 30-minute meal packs in lean protein from the turkey, lots of vegetables, and healthy carbs from the sweet potatoes. Serving this dish is essential for a holiday gathering. It is a perfect treat to ignite your guest’s holiday spirit.

    2. Rorie’s Full N’ Free Cheesecake

    Who doesn’t like cheesecake, especially when it is healthy? This cleaner version of cheesecake is made with honey in place of sugar, farmer cheese, and Greek yogurt in place of cream cheese, and an almond flour crust instead of the cookie crusts full of margarine, white flour, and sugar. I use the minimum amount of honey necessary to maintain sweetness; each serving has about two teaspoons of honey. This dish is the perfect resemblance of home and it is a must-try.

    3. Caramelized Banana Pudding

    The Southern classic consists of a layer of caramelized banana, vanilla wafers, and meringue. Pudding always sparks a great amount of holiday joy. Remember that one song? This is most definitely an easy-to-make dish that will bring a smile to people’s faces.

    4. White Chocolate Peppermint Truffles

    These one-bite treats are perfect for when you need a sweet nibble after hitting the main course a little too hard. Peppermint always signifies the holidays so you can’t go wrong with this treat. These will definitely be a hit, with guests leaving behind nothing but an empty plate at the end of the night.

    5. Turbot with Watercress and Zucchini

    This delicate fish dish is a surprising treat at the end of a long day. Turbot is found in salt waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is also known as flounder, brill, fluke, and place. It is a member of the flatfish family, which also contains sole and halibut. Spice up dinner by bringing this delicious recipe to the table.

    6.  Smoked Marlin Fishcakes

    Smoked fishcakes are a different sort of flavor for a breakfast, but fish-based diets are among the healthiest in the world – particularly when they have lower sugars and salt and a good balance of vitamins, like this Mauritius offering. This healthy dish will definitely make your taste buds burst with flavor.  You will be pleasantly surprised if you serve up this dish.

    7. Cece’s Veggie Co. Organic Zucchini Noodles and Veggiccine

    A remake of the classic mac and cheese made with pasta, Cece’s butternut version is gluten-free and offers fresh, 100% organic butternut squash cut into elbow-style shells, perfect for cradling the organic cheese that accompanies the squash shells. Cece’s offers both a dairy-based cheddar cheese sauce and a vegan cheddar cheez option, both prepped and ready to heat and eat with no additional ingredients required. This dish is both delicious and easy to make. It is a perfect delicacy to make for yourself or others.

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    7 Mouth-Watering Dis…

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