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    Former Arctic Monkeys Bassist Presents GOLDTEETH

    Former Arctic Monkeys Bassist Presents GOLDTEETH

    Formerly the bassist for Arctic Monkeys, Andy Nicholson, aka GOLDTEETH, is a producer and musician from Sheffield who translates his music from the studio to stage with a 5-piece band.

    Doin Better is the first single from his forthcoming self-titled EP, featuring the vocals of Hannah Yadi.

    “Doin Better” is the first single from his self-produced, genre-bending E.P. While the bass still remains his weapon of choice, the last decade has seen Nicholson appear in a vast array of forms. Whether it be as a founding member and bassist of the hip-hop and indie-rock hybrid Mongrel, or as a studio producer working with the likes of Toddla TSwindleTom Prior and Terri Walker, Nicholson has consistently contributed to Sheffield’s iconic music history.

    Working in the shadows allowed Nicholson to find a comfort zone and, in turn, a consistency, that has yet to falter. More recent times have found Nicholson defining his own unique sound. Never afraid to pick up a pen as well as an instrument, GOLDTEETH has given him the time and space to transfer more of his ideas to paper through co-writing with Hannah Yadi (Frank Gamble).

    The self-titled E.P. is an honest and heartfelt manifesto of unfinished sympathy. A final statement of “this is me, take me as I am,” it’s an acknowledgement of self-worth and hope for the existence and resilience of love.

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    Former Arctic Monkey…

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