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    Kentucky Native Pangeaux Recruits XXL Freshman For New Single: Chopsticks

    Kentucky Native Pangeaux Recruits XXL Freshman For New Single: Chopsticks

    On the heels of a new crop of music, Newport rapper Pangeaux can’t let go of the drive to put his city on the map.

    Recruiting a few notable local artists including XXL Freshman prospect E The Profit, the “Moon Boy” is gravitating to new heights that will have lovers of the popular melodic rap in a chokehold.

    In a world of evolving Hip-Hop culture, many don’t think to look in Louisville, Kentucky for a pulse to contribute to its growing popularity but that is changing with the help of artist-producer Pangeaux. With the creation of his latest song “Chopsticks” which features Logan Sherrick and 2022 XXL Freshman prospect, E The Profit, the three mesh together after a random studio session that births a highly pleasing outcome.

    Met with melodic lyrics from the Kentucky artists over the James Heaton produced track, Pangeaux knew this track was destined to happen and is pouring his all into making it a staple in his developing catalog. Weighing out his options on his next move, “Chopsticks” is a move in the right direction that can be heard and felt in his overall progression.

    “If there is anything that Kentucky’s Pangeaux’s music does, it makes you think (& hit a nice two-step/sway).” – Baller Status

    “One of the best songs from an indie artist you’ll hear.” – Lyrical Lemonade

    “Lyrically is a deep and introspective look into Pangeaux’s state of mind and an unhealthy reliance on escapism to get through tough times.” – Major Stage

    “It’s important to understand emotions and know that it’s going to be ok. Shit gets hard. There are so many small aspects to life and when you look at the bigger picture it’s not as hard as you really think it is. Sometimes you may exaggerate a situation just because of a certain fear you have. I guess the one thing I’m trying to get out of my music and out of myself is not to be afraid.” – Pangeaux

    “Chopsticks” is the official follow-up to Pangeaux’s 2021 project “Honey Dreams.” With a newly defined outlook on music and E the Profit eyeing XXL’s Freshman’s 10th spot this may just be the hit song both individuals need to push their careers to the next level.Stream “Chopsticks” HERE.

    About Pangeaux

    Before he devoted much of his life to building and crafting his music career, the “Moon Boy” Pangeaux was a collegiate basketball athlete at Carson Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee. It was there where he first discovered his love and passion for music, all thanks to a teammate introducing him to the world of producing and the rest is history. For the majority of his first and second year, he produced tracks for himself and his cousin to get discovered which has been a test from the very beginning. After suffering a left hip injury playing basketball, Pangeaux decided to lean more into producing and learning more about music to perfect his craft so that he can be a more polished version of himself.

    In early 2017, he went on to drop his first solo track on SoundCloud titled, “Ms. Mary Mack,” co-produced by himself and friend Zach Dunn, known as “iambranded,” an individual Pangeaux met while attending college who engineered the track overall. This later led Pangeaux to forgo his next two years of college and hone his hobby for music production to transition a dream into a passion to unlock new chambers within himself as he continues to grow on his journey of music discovery.

    Since releasing “Ms. Mary Mack,” Pangeaux has gone on to release 4 mixtapes and 12-15 singles in total. To date, Pangeaux is known for his songs “Pressure,” “Old Me,” “Better Alone,” “Living Room,” “West Coast Luv,” “Grapevines,” and “Playboy” and “2MYFACE.” His most recent mixtape release was “HONEY DREAMS” which was released on October 6th, 2021. As he prepares for a new chapter of music in his budding career, Pangeaux enlists the help of talented hands and minds to help navigate him to the next level while establishing a presence to help the world embrace his love for music and the town, he represents full of the talent within it.

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