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    A Beginner’s Guide: How To Choose Suitable Photography Equipment

    A Beginner’s Guide: How To Choose Suitable Photography Equipment

    As a beginner photographer, there’s a lot that you have to have for your passion to go on smoothly.

    You need the right equipment if you are to have that professional look on your photos. Of course, you need the camera, but you need much more than just that.

    When you’re going to get the equipment, the salespeople will always look to hard-sell everything they have. But as a newbie, you may not know or need to use everything. Below are some of the suitable equipment you need to have to make your photo look great.


    You need first to have the right camera before anything. It is bare when it comes to photography, and you need to have it. And there are several choices that you can pick from when it comes to cameras. If you are looking for a clear shot and even better focusing, you need to check the Canon EOS Rebel T100 VS Canon EOS Rebel T7. Between these two, you can get the best focus and images. You also have a clear guide on what each one offers in variety.

    Prime Lenses

    As a newbie, you need to have lenses bought after the camera. You may be thinking that the camera comes with its lens. But that is just the standard fit that comes with the camera and won’t do much when it comes to your photo styles.

    The average kit that the camera comes with doesn’t live up to the standard of quality you’ll be looking to hit. So, it would help if you got quality lenses that are versatile and offer a lot in terms of quality. You need to realize that lenses are the same, and you may need different types. You need to look at your budget and what you will likely do with the camera before making any significant move. For example, macro photography lenses offer you a longer focal length.


    The next thing you need to have is the speed-lite as part of accessorizing your camera. It can be one of the most helpful tools you need in your photography career. This can easily make you illuminate the scene when you’re taking the photos you want.

    The light needs to be synced to the camera’s shutter to give you a better burst of light – this is for a fraction of a second. Most of the speed-lite brands are third-party manufactured and produce flash units on their own.

    When you’re looking for a speed-lite, you need to look at the following:

    • Automatic and manual control
    • 24-105mm zoom
    • Full coverage
    • Easily mounts
    • Utilized as independent wireless “slave” unit

    It should also be small in size to easily fit in a pouch when you are moving around. With the speed-lite with such features, you can get the kind of control of lighting you need. This gives you more of a control studio lighting anywhere you’re at.

    Memory Card

    You can’t do much without a memory card in the digital age – there isn’t a film slot. And you need to have a quality memory card. This is where the photos are stored as soon as they are taken. You need to have quality memory cards when you have a camera.

    Today, and due to the advancement in tech, almost all cameras have an SD slot. And you don’t need any technical know-how to get the card there. Have a couple of cards so that you can quickly shoot cameras and videos without having to worry about your space filling up.

    External Hard Disk

    You then need to have an external hard disk where you can store your photos for editing. The good thing about a hard disk is that they offer you a backup for your photos. One of the worst things that can happen is to lose all your pictures because you didn’t have any backup. You can have a couple of external hard disks for different tasks. For example, you can have one that helps you with the backup for your edited photos and simply for storage. The other can be for your raw images and maybe even act as back if you lose your computer.

    An external disk can also be an SSD, which is quite durable than the regular hard disk. It also performs much better in terms of speed too.

    When starting as a photographer, you don’t need to go all out for everything. It would help if you were prudent on what you get, and they need to be crucial too. These are some of the items that you need to get as a beginner.

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