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    The App That Boosts Brand Engagement And Betters Behaviors

    The App That Boosts Brand Engagement And Betters Behaviors

    US company, Skylab Apps, has created a white-labeled social engagement platform that has proven to shape and alter behaviors in people and communities, such as children’s sports, the coaching industry, and the Navy SEALS, by leaping beyond gamification with VRS (value reinforcement system).

    Backed by science and proven by case studies, the platform has record-breaking engagement and retention across all demographics from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. Today’s communities desire a safe platform they can control while eliminating the noise of social media.

    Finally, major brands, affinity groups, creators, and influencers are able to segment and evolve their communities from “social media fans” who are their storytellers, into their “tribe” who takes inspired actions, and eventually into “Co-Creators” that help them go viral and meet their mission.

    Rewarding What Matters 

    Brands, entertainers, universities, and city officials are now working with Skylab’s clients to reward user behaviors in real life with prizes, special events, and even scholarships.

    “When you offer people an opportunity to make the world a better place and recognize them in real time (like how Instagram does) it’s amazing how quickly you see epic results and impact.“ – Dean Grey, Founder and CEO of Skylab Apps.


    Build and OWN Your Community

    Skylab allows clients to leverage a multi-million dollar platform to create ecosystems similar to companies like Uber and Airbnb, at a fraction of what it would cost a company to build their own and only in a couple of days.

    With the Skylab platform, organizations can guide the segments of their audience on separate journeys appropriately – allowing them to communicate, train, track, reward, and monetize engagement while owning the data of everything that happens in their world.

    “We give you the ability to build your digital community and OWN it as well,” – Jeremy Wong, Vice President of Skylab Apps.

    The average Skylab client has 72x greater brand engagement than the top 6 social media sites and are in the top 26% of apps ever created.

    Click here to download successful case studies and learn how Skylab can empower you to build your tribe.

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    The App That Boosts …

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