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    Saint Patrick’s Day Travel Guide: The Best Resources For Traveling To Ireland And Beyond

    Saint Patrick’s Day Travel Guide: The Best Resources For Traveling To Ireland And Beyond

    With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, what better place to visit than Ireland and the British Isles?

    March is the perfect time of year for a vacation. With the weather finally warming up and Spring holidays and breaks just around the corner, workloads, and cold weather have eased up enough to give you a chance to take advantage of a lovely month.

    Consider visiting the British Isles this Saint Patrick’s Day. Not only do you not have to learn another language to enjoy their community and culture, but these locations also hold a variety of hidden travel gems to discover whether you’re looking for a great time in the city or the outdoors.

    Irish Travel Guides

    With so many great destinations to explore, knowing where to start when planning your trip can be hard. By checking where travel bloggers have gone and what they recommend, travel sites can help ease the burden of planning.

    Looking for extensive travel tips on visiting Ireland? Y Travel Blog has everything you need. Written by professional travel bloggers, the site has travel resources for booking trips and deals. Their blog has all sorts of information, from the best pubs in Dublin to the best places to visit in Ireland if you have kids.

    Visiting Dublin or Glendalough? Check out Sweetescapes, a travel blog for those who enjoy casual travel for fun, written by Julia Joe. She’s been all over Asia and the Americas, as well as numerous locations across Europe and Australia. Check out her blog and take advantage of the wealth of travel knowledge she’s accrued to help you plan your next trip!

    Booking Your Trip

    Now that you’ve planned your trip with the help of travel blogs, it’s time to take that leap and buy tickets for your next adventure.

    Travel isn’t cheap, but with the help of Dollar Flight Club, you can save up to hundreds of dollars on your next flight. Once you sign up for free, type in where you want to travel, and they’ll help you find cheap tickets for your next flight, including your trip to Ireland.

    When it comes to choosing a flight, we recommend Turkish Airlines. With their Miles&Smiles program, you can earn rewards from every flight, ensuring that you’ll have affordable flights for years to come. While most of their destinations are slightly lower in the hemisphere than in Ireland, finding a transfer flight with Dollar Flight Club will be easy.

    The British Isles

    While you’re in the area, why not check out the rest of what the British Isles have to offer?


    You can look into great locations with losethemap, a travel blog by Joanna Kalafatis. Joanna focuses on the various places she travels to explore the local culture rather than the tourist destinations. She’s traveled across North and South America and visited various Asian and European regions. Her blog includes travel and food guides for the locations she visits, including guides for England. So visit her blog today and explore the gorgeous pictures she’s accrued of these wondrous European gems to plan your next trip to the British Isles.

    The Isles

    Looking to travel beyond England on your journey across the British Isles? Visit thatadventurer for their extensive UK travel guides. Explore the hidden gems of England with their resources in Surrey, Cornwall, Norfolk, and Sussex. There are also guides on Scotland and Wales, including how to make the most of your trips to the Isles on a budget and explore their national parks and hiking guides. The travel website emphasizes walking and hiking routes, making this a perfect site for those with an adventurous heart and a love for nature.

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