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    The First Organic, Sustainable, Non-Toxic Vacation Home Community

    The First Organic, Sustainable, Non-Toxic Vacation Home Community

    A new concept in tourism is coming to Orlando in 2019.

    Healthy Vacation Club will be transforming the tourism landscape by meeting the needs of the sustainability, organic, and non-toxic focused travel markets. The travel industry in the US has been slow to adapt to the quickly growing demand for organic products, consequently leaving those who strive to remove toxins from their lives with few vacation options.

    The brainchild of this innovative travel concept is Emelie Kamp, a wellness entrepreneur and founder of Worth it Living, a wellness brand whose mission is to empower individuals to live with wellness and purpose. Emelie Kamp brings her experience in the wellness and residential development industries to starting the Healthy Vacation Club.

    “In 2012, we began a journey to showcase a lifestyle of wellness, resulting in our first wellness center. Now, I’m excited to announce Healthy Vacation Club. Organic, non-toxic, sustainable vacationing; a wellness experience,” says Kamp.

    Following a successful breakthrough in the European wellness market, Kamp is expanding her vision of a more holistic lifestyle.

    Creating a vacation destination that aligns with this vision has been a natural evolution for Kamp. “Coming from a family that vacations often, as well as taking multiple trips to wellness industry trade shows over the years, I was struck by a realization. While I could choose the foods I did and didn’t eat, I had no control over the rooms I stayed in nor the chemicals used in them.”

    What propelled Kamp to take the leap was a personal struggle. “Shortly before learning that I had an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, my body started becoming sensitive to chemicals and molds. I quickly realized how much need there is in the travel and vacation industry and knew I could do something about it.” Having experienced the underwhelming, and at times harmful, vacation destinations, Kamp is driven to introduce a solution.

    “A vacation is supposed to make you healthier, not sicker!”

    Healthy Vacation Club is an alternative to other vacation properties containing bleach, toxic cleaners, chlorinated and fluoridated water, mold, EMFs, VOCs, and other toxins. Soon, travelers will enjoy many refreshing wellness-friendly perks, including:

    • Non-toxic fitness center
    • Infrared saunas
    • Non-toxic and fragrance-free cleaning products
    • Chloramine-free pool
    • Non-toxic beds with organic sheets
    • Carpet-free floors
    • Kitchen with wooden cutting boards and the stainless-steel pots and pans
    • Filtered air and water
    • Lower EMF’s
    • Zero VOC paints

    About Emelie Kamp

    Emelie Kamp is a wellness entrepreneur. In 2012, she started an online wellness store and later opened a wellness center, gym, and café in Stockholm, Sweden. Emelie Kamp is the co-founder of Worth it Living and is also a Licensed Nutritional Counselor, Wellness Coach, and Green Living Coach. She is the author of the children’s book, “The Sugar Story.”

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