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    Blood Sugar & Ways To Keep It In Check

    Blood Sugar & Ways To Keep It In Check

    When we were kids, we were always asked to stay away from Candy.

    To date, there have been a lot of reasons why people warn kids of having too many candies. However, one of the major reasons, which pops up is the concentration of sugar in it.

    If I consider the Indian food palette, there are very few dishes, which do not have sugar. Rather, to be correct, India is known as a country with a variety of desserts, from the North to the South and from the East to the West. Be it our beloved “Gajar ka Halwa” in the Winters or hot “Rasgullas” in the Summers, we all love to indulge in sweets.

    What’s the price for this love affair? It is nothing but a lot of sugar rush and a rocky affair with a disease called Diabetes. Yes, if our sugar intake is not kept into check, our blood sugar levels will rise and we may be subject to early onset of Diabetes!

    A study in 2019 showed that India is home to 77 million Diabetics, the second largest in the world. Hence, if you are searching online about Diabetes and came across this article, you are in safe hands and you’re definitely not alone.

    What is Diabetes?

    In layman’s terms, diabetes is the medical condition where the glucose in the blood rises above normal and it causes a lot of problems in us. It stops the secretion of various important hormones and renders an important fluid of our body – insulin functionless.

    Hence, the threat is real and there are cases when you can feel it coming. Some of the most distinctive symptoms associated with this disease are:

    •       A sudden increase in Hunger
    •       A rapid urge of being Thirsty
    •       Loss in Weight
    •       Increase in the frequency of urination
    •       Improper Vision
    •       Rapid onset of fatigue and loss of energy

    Now, as we have established a perfect understanding of what Diabetes is and why we should try to steer away from it, let’s find some ways in which we can keep our precious blood sugar level in check.

    Exercising is the Key

    If you want to keep your blood sugar levels in check, one good way has to be exercising. Regular exercises and freehand workout, along with Yoga and walking can be powerful tools to stay fit and ensure that the blood sugar level is in check.

    And during this pandemic, it has become much of a necessity as all of us are stuck at home, and majorly working from home, only.

    Maintaining a Proper Diet

    A well-maintained diet is extremely important for diabetic patients. This will ensure a good flow of all the required nutrients in the body and prevent any urgent situations.

    One of the major reasons for the rising number of diabetic patients worldwide is improper diet and consumption of desserts and sweets, oily and junk food, etc. If we can have a fiber-rich diet along with equal and balanced portions of other carbohydrates, protein, and less of oil, you can keep it under the wraps.

    Do not take unnecessary Stress

    Stress is considered as a valuable component when it comes to taking the blood sugar level to a hill-station. Yes, you have heard it correctly. Stress has itself contributed a lot to diabetes patients.

    Hence, one of the biggest medicines, which the doctor prescribes is having a stress-free environment, the kind which will help you in leading a healthier lifestyle.

    Use of Glucometers and Test Strips

    Technology has blessed us in unimaginable ways. 20 years back, getting a blood-sugar test would have required you to visit the diagnostic clinic and wait for a day. Now, all you have to do is wait for a prick and a minute, and voila, your results are here.

    The Glucometers have ensured one can have daily or regular blood tests, and modulate the diet, in a similar way. However, you have to ensure the strips are good and well maintained. Some of test strips for glucometers are Accu-chek Active, Dr. Morepen BG 03, and Alere AG-500 G1.

    Now that you have a fair idea of how to get things done, if you feel diabetes is your friend, make sure you follow them to the T and keep yourself healthy. 

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