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    Carb Cycling Is Trending

    Carb Cycling Is Trending

    The queen of Carb Cycling, Lindsay Huelse released her new app, The Fitt Cycle, which brings a unique method for a sustainable lifestyle.

    What makes The FITT Cycle different? Fasting Intervals, Targeted Training, and Carb Cycling.

    FASTING INTERVALS – Fasting Intervals is just what it sounds like. You will have intervals throughout The FITT Cycle, where you will be considered in a “Fasting Interval” which is a small window of time without eating at all, letting your body rest from insulin production. It is a conscious decision to have the first meal of your day a little later than you’re used to and do not allow snacking after your last meal. Don’t worry, you eat every single day! The interval we use with The FITT Cycle is the 16:8 ratio. You will have a 16-hour fasting interval and an 8 Hour eating interval.

    TARGETED TRAINING – With The FITT Cycle, we will be strategically matching our workouts with our Carb Cycle. We do this because of the way your body metabolizes and stores Macro Nutrients.

    CARB CYCLING – Carb cycling is just what it sounds like: eating more carbohydrates on some days (high carb days) to promote muscle growth and eating fewer carbohydrates (low carb days) on some days to promote fat loss and minimize fat gain.

    What makes Lindsay different from other coaches?

    Navigating through the terminology in the health and wellness industry is tough! Even for a professional. Her background as a registered nurse gives the unique ability to truly understand health history and background and apply nutritional strategies.

    Not only does she have a bachelor’s in nursing, but she’s investing in furthering her education to offer you the most up-to-date information. The FITT Cycle is her main mission to equip you with all the tools you need to ditch the quick fixes and create a sustainable lifestyle. This means fitting the program and strategies into YOUR schedule… not the other way around. The diet you just tried… will be the last one you EVER do!

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    Carb Cycling Is Tren…

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