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    8 Health and Wellness Trends That Are Here to Stay

    8 Health and Wellness Trends That Are Here to Stay

    The global wellness market is currently valued at $4.4 trillion, and it’s also continuing to grove at an impressive rate.

    In addition to growing in size, the health and wellness market constantly produces new trends and innovations.

    Let’s explore eight popular trends that are shaping the world of health and wellness.

    #1 Tailored apps that help users build effective routines

    Official figures show that 27% of people are now using apps to build better routines, improve their diet and sleep better. The increasing popularity of this app is especially strong among Gen-Z members, followed by millennials and Gen-X. These apps are often seen as a cheaper alternative to hiring nutritionists and gym trainers. Another great advantage is the fact that they are tailored to specific needs. Some apps focus on weight loss, while others focus on muscle building or weight loss.

    Users can seamlessly find all the information they need to improve their morning routines, whether it’s waking up earlier and starting the day with lemon-infused water and a run, or using planners and calendars included in the app to organize their health and wellness activities.

    The percentage of people that integrate an app into their routine is expected to continue to grow.

    #2 Using AR to take fitness classes

    We typically associate AR (augmented reality) with gaming or shopping. However, an increasing trend is to use this technology to take fitness classes. Some are even predicting that AR will gamify the fitness industry. Tech companies are now creating AR headsets for numerous fitness applications, ranging from yoga to boxing.

    Through these apps, traditional sports activities have experienced an upgrade: from engaging with celebrity trainers to immersing oneself safely in a simulated active gaming atmosphere to transforming your fitness regimen into an interactive game.

    Gamifying fitness activities can increase motivation, as research shows that people are more likely to make a habit of an activity that they enjoy.

    #3 Fitness activities aimed at increasing longevity

    Losing weight and building muscle are some of the traditional reasons why people exercise. However, an increasing trend involves following a fitness routine that is aimed primarily at increasing longevity. Creating the right fitness routine can decrease the risk of chronic illness, and improve body functionality, with a direct impact on a person’s life expectancy.

    Finding the right combination of aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and stability exercises is the best approach when aiming for longevity. Consulting a professional trainer can help you create the right plan when pursuing this specific fitness goal.

    #4 The rise of men’s personal care brands

    For many decades, personal care brands have mostly targeted a female audience, with men most interested in very basic products, such as deodorant and shaving foam. However, things are changing, and an increasing number of men are now showing interest in personal care routines.

    One of these trends is the growing number of brands providing men with organic and natural products that are free from harsh chemicals. Men are also increasingly following multi-step skincare routines to keep their skin healthy and young-looking.

    Male-focussed beauty stores are also increasing in popularity. These include both physical shops and E-commerce stores. These retailers allow men to choose from a wide range of products. For example, they can buy different brands of beard oils or haircare products that are tailored to their specific needs. By exploring various products and experimenting with different grooming routines, men can learn more about what works best for their individual hair and skin types.

    Men are now more open to pampering themselves and taking care of their health and appearance, and this will likely increase in the foreseeable future.

    #5 Micro workouts are increasing in popularity

    Micro workouts have become a popular trend among those who can’t always find time to hit the gym. They are an efficient way to stay fit, consisting of brief exercises. What makes them so practical is that they can be performed anywhere and have different durations. They include low-intensity activities (e.g., calf raises while climbing stairs) and more intense activities (e.g., holding a plank while waiting for a smoothie).

    Some have noticed that micro workouts cannot provide the same benefits as traditional ones. However, research shows that even these small exercises have a noticeable impact on our heart’s ability to pump blood and transport oxygen around the body.

    #6 The spread of wellness travel

    Wellness tourism can be defined as travel associated with maintaining and enhancing a person’s wellbeing. This activity has gained traction over the years, and it’s unavailable in multiple variations to suit people with different budgets and interests. By going on a wellness trip, people can take a break from their work – personal life routine and focus on a mix of wellness and tourism activities. For example, a wellness trip could be split into a couple of spa sessions, a yoga class, and a day of sightseeing or cultural activities.

    Food can also be an important part of wellness trips. Detox holidays and healthy eating adventures are just a few formats of food-based wellness trips.

    Companies and organizations are increasingly offering wellness retreats to their employees. Studies have shown that employers that look after their employees’ wellness tend to have higher retention rates.

    #7 Online therapy is gaining popularity

    It’s convenience and affordability are making online therapy (or e-therapy) an increasingly valid option for many people who can not afford traditional therapy sessions or simply lack time to go to a therapist’s office once or twice a week.

    Online therapy allows these people to connect to a qualified therapist from the comfort of their homes, either through a simple phone call or by video chat. Insurance companies have also adapted to this trend and now cover online counseling services.

    #8 Increasing relaxation through sound healing

    Sound healing is a practice that is based on the concept that we are all made up of energy and vibration. This also means that certain sounds can be used to facilitate healing processes. This practice uses several instruments (e.g., gongs and singing bowls) to create low-frequency sounds that can induce very deep relaxation.

    Research shows that sound healing can significantly reduce stress levels and anxiety, as well as improve sleep quality and promote physical well-being.


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