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    6 Tips For Dressing Well In Any Weather

    6 Tips For Dressing Well In Any Weather

    If the thought of going outside sends chills down your spine, it would be wise to take extra precautions by dressing up properly before you go out.

    The right clothes during the chilly season can make a huge difference in making the outside stroll excruciatingly painful or a fun adventure. Interestingly, manufacturing winter clothing is a dedicated industry that incorporates a lot of hardcore science into it.

    To help you make the most of this science during the upcoming winter season, we have some tips for you.

    Create some space

    You should give enough space to your clothes! Usually, people assume that wearing tightly wrapped clothes is a good way to stay warm during the cold weather but it doesn’t work like that. Keeping some space does wonder for keeping you warm and cozy during the winter by creating a subtle layer of air trapped between your skin and the clothes. This helps trap the heat within and makes you quite comfortable.

    Add layers upon layers

    This is advice that you hear a lot during the winter season because it is also one of the most helpful clothing tricks. Instead of wearing one bulky clothing item, it’s a good idea to wear your clothes in layers. Even if you choose not to follow any other tip and just adopt this one thing, you should be fine and comfortable during the winter season. When you wear clothes in layers, it removes the need for various other items on your lists.

    You should aim for creating three layers of clothing; the base layer, the middle, and the outermost layer.  A base layer could be of silk, polyester, or another material that is sweat resistant. However, as a word of caution, it is important to mention that even though cotton clothes absorb moisture, you should not be wearing them as a base layer because the moisture won’t evaporate and will actually be extremely uncomfortable. The middle layer should be the one offering maximum insulation and does the main job. Count fleece, sweatshirts, or sweaters in this layer category. You should not go for clothing items that are too tight, but they should not be extremely baggy either.

    The outer layer is not really about staying warm, instead, it is more about making a style statement or protecting from the sudden weather changes. You can wear a simple winter coat as an outer layer; you can easily find various types of jackets for men and women with a bit of research from reliable sources. However, if you want to stay warmer, go for an outer layer that is waterproof and windproof too.

    Look for appropriate materials & clothes

    There are a vast variety of winter clothing materials and you have to make your selection carefully. It should be a blend between your preferences and the offered functionality. You will find polypropylene, polyester, wool, silk, nylon, and thick winter cotton as viable options.

    Tend to Your Extremities

    It is important to give some love to your ears, hands, and feet. In winter, we tend to consider the extremities less often but if you protect them well, you will feel warmer and more comfortable. So, opt for buying a hat, wool socks, or some waterproof gloves. If you don’t want to go for a hat, earmuffs or a winter headband may be an option to consider.

    Staying Dry Is Essential

    Moisture becomes a harbinger of more chilly effects during winters. So, you would want to avoid this at all costs and it means avoiding sweat and rain. A good base layer will help you stay dry and cozy. You should also avoid getting wet by winter rainfall and wear a waterproof outer layer, so you no longer need to worry about getting wet at all.

    Fight off the Wind

    During fall and winter, you have two enemies: the temperature and wind. If the temperature is not too cold, you may have to face the challenge of a crazy chilly wind that has the potential of making you feel miserably cold in no time. Be prepared to fight off the wind pressure and wear a windproof outer layer. Some fabrics are a combination of windproof and water-resistant materials and going for that is worthwhile.

    Essentially, you should always take the time to dress properly before heading out. Going outside will turn out to be a pleasant break from staying huddled inside the house. So, shop around for some cool winter looks but do not compromise on staying warm and comfortable.

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