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    A Man’s Best Friend: The Many Roles Of Dogs In Our Lives

    A Man’s Best Friend: The Many Roles Of Dogs In Our Lives

    Life can often be quite stressful. In fact, it’s mostly stresses intertwined with some good moments here and there.

    Between career pressures and trying to maintain healthy relationships, things can get overwhelming. This is why we always need companionship in life because no one can really go through all this on their own. While other humans can provide that, they can also disappoint you now and then. Dogs, on the other hand, would never let you down. There is a reason why they are called man’s best friend.

    Here are some of the many roles they have in our lives.

    Service Animals

    Dogs are arguably the best service animals. They offer immense help to disabled individuals, making their lives significantly easier. Service dogs are trained from a very young age to help such individuals with various tasks in their daily lives. They can help them travel, commute, and work independently without any external aid. They are the dogs you see guiding visually impaired people, for example, as they walk the streets and move around freely.


    Few things are ever as beautiful as the sight of your dog waiting for you to come home. Just seeing their tails wag as they run towards you for a hug is more heartwarming than anything else out there. What’s even more beautiful is the fact that they do this every time you leave them! Whether you leave for a quick, 10-minute errand or a week-long business trip, they will still welcome you with the same cheerful glee and excitement. More importantly, they have nothing else to do but keep you company, especially in your darkest hours. Believe it or not, dogs actually sense when their owners are sad, and they always try to comfort them the best they could. This is why they are the best companions you could ever have.

    Understand the Risks

    That’s why it’s important to take care of your furry friend just as they take care of you. Regular check-ups, proper nutrition, and ample exercise are necessary to ensure that your dog lives a long and happy life by your side. Even the smallest dog paw pad injury or a slight change in behavior should not be ignored and should be addressed immediately. After all, your dog is always there for you, so it’s important to always be there for them too.

    Emotional Support

    It is becoming more common for people to struggle with mental problems, and facing those on your own can be quite exhausting and difficult. Therapy helps a lot of the time, but emotional support dogs will help relieve some of the anxiety and calm you down on the spot. The best thing about having a dog as an emotional support animal (ESA) is the fact that you can take them with you everywhere, even on planes and in residential locations where there is a no-pets policy. You just need an ESA letter from a licensed therapist, and it will allow you to take your dog anywhere.

    Those dogs have been shown to help people suffering from severe stress and anxiety, and they provide us with significant therapeutic benefits –– so much so that they are actually used in hospitals and nursing homes to comfort residents.


    This is historically the first main role that dogs played in humans’ lives, and they continue to play this role to this very day –– quite efficiently, too. Watchdogs receive special training to be able to detect threats and provide their owners with the level of security they need. This is why some of them are even used by police officers and other law enforcement agencies. You can also see them at airports and public gatherings, vigilant and providing a much-needed sense of security.

    They don’t necessarily need to be specifically trained watchdogs or personal protection dogs for sale. Your regular German Shepherd or golden retriever can very well intervene and protect your household if a burglar comes in, whether by alerting the residents or attacking the assailant themselves. There are actually several recorded cases like that, where a regular house dog performed such duties.

    Children’s Best Friend

    One of the most important and influential roles played by dogs is with children. From the moment the baby is born, you watch the dog watching over them and cuddling with them whenever they can. Kids that grow up with a dog know compassion and kindness. That little furry creature can have a very positive effect on their lives in many ways. The kids grow with a best friend that will always be on their side, and they know that they are not alone. The bonds formed between dogs and children are truly some of the most wonderful you could ever see.

    Where would we be without dogs? Nowhere good, that’s for sure. They have and will continue to inspire kindness and love in our hearts, and that perhaps is their most important role. They are the perfect companions and guardians, and without them, we would be lost. They are truly man’s best friend, and they can help your life in more ways than you can imagine.

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