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    A Flexible Easter Dinner Guide For Hassle-Free Holiday Hosting

    A Flexible Easter Dinner Guide For Hassle-Free Holiday Hosting

    Unlike holidays like Thanksgiving, there are no set rules for what to serve for Easter dinner.

    Varying by region and tradition, Easter dinner meal plans can prove difficult to navigate. This guide offers both flexibility and convenience so you can have the Easter gathering you deserve without breaking your back from effort and frustration. Whether you’re looking for a lighter menu, a meatless dinner or an easy one, we’ve got you covered.


    With Spring comes many vibrant, colorful seasonal vegetables, which means it’s the perfect time for bright green crudité platters with refreshing vegetables and dips. Dips are great for both vegetables and crackers, so why not combine the two? Try Craize’s corn crackers that in addition to being healthy are also vegan, kosher, gluten-free and soy-free. You can find a free archive of recipes on their site for new ways to incorporate their crackers in your next spread in dishes like holiday boards and cheesy topped appetizer bites.

    Crudite plates aren’t the only way to make the most of Spring vegetables this Easter. Salads are another great starter to add seasonal vegetables to. Try SeaSnax, a seaweed salad mix reinventing the salad by adding nutrient-rich seaweed to the mix. These mixes are keto, gluten-free and vegan to boot.

    Seeking other appetizer ideas? Tuscanini parchment crackers are great when paired with their flavorful and GMO-free home-style sauces. Looking for something more casual? Wing Society serves premium buffalo wings and salads perfect for your Easter appetizer presentation, using high-quality, antibiotic-free ingredients right from the heart of Southern California.

    Main Course

    While appetizers can be numerous and optional, the main course is meant to be consumed by all guests, meaning that your Easter meal needs to be tailored to the dietary restrictions of everyone present. It can be difficult to find the right meal to serve the needs of your specific table, but with the help of recipe sites, planning your Easter dinner will be a breeze.

    If you’re looking for kosher recipes, has thousands of kosher recipes to choose from along with cooking shows, articles and products to give you all the recipes you need for a kosher feast this holiday. Have guests looking to eat healthier? Trim Healthy Mama has everything from cookbooks, articles and food products to help with your healthy food planning. Is your budget tight this year? The Dr. Yum Project is a pediatrician-led nonprofit providing free resources to help you cut back on food waste, make the most of your pantry staples, and cook healthy, cheap meals for the whole family.

    If dietary restrictions are less of a concern but you’re still looking for resources to assemble a tasty dinner quickly, try Schweid and Sons. They’re a family-owned company offering a variety of meat products with special seasoning blends. Their website also provides recipes for using their products giving you everything you need to craft a hearty main course this season. If you’ve been eyeing your grill now that the weather is finally warming, Stubbs BBQ and McCormick offer meal plans, a variety of products like seasonings, marinades, rubs, mixes and more, along with recipes for making the most of your grilling talents this Spring.


    Easter isn’t complete without something sweet. No matter if it’s it’s a chocolate egg or a hummingbird cake, dessert, whether classic or creative, deserves a place on your Easter table.

    If you’re conscious when it comes to sourcing, Batch Ice Cream is a mom-and-pop run all-natural ice cream brand popular across farmers’ markets and supermarkets. If this special occasion requires something fancier, PreGel’s gelato and pastries combine high-quality ingredients with culinary innovation. Not only do they provide artisan desserts, but they offer ones you can make yourself with their recipe collection.

    For a dessert tailored more specifically to the Easter holiday, La Maison Du Chocolat provides exquisite French chocolates and has a special Easter collection this season. Decadent hazelnut chocolate bunnies, rich chocolate ganache eggs and fancy Easter gift boxes are all featured in their seasonal collection, expertly crafted and ready to adorn your table.

    No matter who’s coming to your dinner table this Easter, you’ll be ready to meet their needs equipped with the resources in this article.

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