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    How To Find Fresh Fish: Suggestions On The Best Methods

    How To Find Fresh Fish: Suggestions On The Best Methods

    It is not always easy to find fresh fish, or rather get your hands on it.

    If you decide that you want to buy fish, you will get various kinds of fish at the market, but some of them are not fresh enough, and it is hard to recognize that on your own.

    If you don’t want to run into problems with the fish that you buy, then always buy fresh Fish from Fish Me, or if still not convinced, here are some tips about how to find fresh fish.

    Catch as it is landed

    Landing is the term given to fish being unloaded from a boat. In some cases, fish is landed straight from a fishing vessel to a packing warehouse. It is suitable for short notice orders. It can be packed on ice or frozen, depending on the clients’ request. Fish that has been landed that morning is a lot fresher than a fish that’s been landed a couple of days ago.

    You’re totally the kind of person that buys fresh fish as it comes into the docks, isn’t that right? You know why? Because you love that sweet, sweet omega-3. I mean, your head would explode if you didn’t get some salmon in your diet on a daily basis. No, really, you are one of those people who are obsessed with omega-3s. I don’t know how true this is, but I have read that restaurants always buy fish as it is being landed. As a result, they can get the freshest, most flavourful fish available. They also know what they are buying is legal, like ethical fishing practices.

    Trust factor

    On the other hand, although you can trust that your fish supplier will have done their best to ensure that the fish are fresh, there are no guarantees. Fish that are “fresh” can also be very far from being in their prime, even though you may pay a premium for them. When buying fresh fish, look out for these tell-tale signs to spot the difference between fresh Fish and Fish which have gone beyond their “best before” date. With supermarkets, you know that if they don’t have live fish in the tanks, the fish is frozen and dispatched from a warehouse elsewhere.

    With your local supplier, you can be sure that it’s fresh. If you purchase fish fresh from the sea, you should be getting fish that is virtually alive. But if you purchase fish from your local fishmonger or fish dealer and not directly from the sea, then it must be dead and kept alive in a frozen environment. That’s simple. No fuss.

    If you want the freshest fish, you should take some advice from all of the local businesses that will be able to tell you about their sources. You can also get recommendations from the larger grocery stores and chains that do not have a direct stake in the quality of the fish since they don’t normally sell it themselves. Both of these places will give you confidence in your decision when buying your fish when needed, and when they recommend a wholesaler, make sure they are one from whom you can trust.

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