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    Ely Eira Links Up With Rapper That Kid CG To Release New Single “All For One”

    Ely Eira Links Up With Rapper That Kid CG To Release New Single “All For One”

    Cinematic pop songstress Ely Eira links up with rapper That Kid CG and release new single “All for One” and NFT bundle on to raise awareness for mental health.

    Ely Eira, a newly found mysterious artist project out of Scandinavia is following up on her successful debut “This Is The Beginning”—which has already been used by prominent studios such as HBO, FOX, and MTV— with a full-fledged NFT campaign around her second single release “All For One” ft. That Kid CG.

    The song is an inspirational ode to people fighting for each other, and finding commonality with one another in an increasingly divided time in which people are physically and mentally being pulled apart more and more.

    Written and produced by Lina Hansson, Chris Accardo, and brothers Kris and Fredrik Eriksson, the group linked up with rising East Coast rapper That Kid CG AKA Craig Lashley for “All For One”. CG raps some smooth bars about finding self-confidence in himself while Eira’s powerful and palatial voice provides an uplifting tone and mood throughout. A cosmic melodic symphony of analog synths, electric guitar chords, booming drums, and delicate piano riffs place listeners into a lush atmosphere with ear-pleasing builds and drops. At one point in the song, Eira inspiringly sings: “This is the evolution/this is to never losing/all for one and one for all/we are the revolution.”

    In the spirit of the song, Ely Eira has partnered with NFT-startup and non-profit company to release a phygital (digital and physical) NFT. The digital side of the NFT includes ownership of a token to an IPFS minted 1/1 audio visualizer for the song, as well as a custom printed poster of the “All For One” single art illustrated by the talented LA-based visual artist Chris Christodoulou (Fear Street, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Little Mermaid).

    Allauras, a Non-Profit organization, takes a unique approach to NFTs and aims to cut through the current NFT noise and excessiveness by aligning the incentives between artists and their fans through the expanding economy for digital collectibles. With incredible momentum occurring in blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, and digital art, Allauras is focused on NFT projects that support non-profit organizations by pledging to donate 30% of all NFT sales to non-profit organizations in addition to being a carbon-neutral company—a rarity in the current blockchain mining environment.

    This specific NFT drop on Allauras includes an interactive component in which people can anonymously share their own mental health journeys, setbacks, and triumphs through a virtual portal on the NFT page housed on Allauras. By providing a cloak of autonomy, Ely Eira and That Kid CG hope the portal will bring an honest and open dialogue to the importance of mental health today, and create a supportive online community through the song and NFT.

    In addition to the interactive mental health submission portal, the NFT will donate 30% of the “All For One” NFT proceeds going to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which was founded after Tim “Avicii” Bergling died by suicide in 2018, after his own mental health and personal battles with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

    “If you make music in Scandinavia, you can feel the immense hole and sadness that left with Avicii when he tragically passed away a few years ago,” Ely Eira says. “It’s a small music community in Sweden and we hope that this song we made and the corresponding NFT campaign will help shed light on the critical importance and attention we need to give to mental health. Everyone has to deal with their own mental health demons, no one is immune, and we believe the power of music and cutting edge technology like NFTs on platforms like Allauras, can help bring healing, educational, and supportive energy to those who are looking for help through music or other means. Like the song suggests: we can’t lose when we come together.”

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